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  • Nostalgia
  • Premier Icon mikewsmith
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    Wearing a rim down enough to cracking them under braking
    Removing the bar brace and the bars bending
    Pulling on the brakes and not stopping
    Having mtb kit which was basically the road kit rebadged
    Strong light cheap pick 2 being a tough choice, now the cheap kit is stronger and lighter than some of the old expensive kit.
    People complaining about these new riders who didn’t get the heritage
    The rose tinted lenses

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    If we’re talking nostalgia… and I apologies for this in advance… Paolo Pezzo’s boobies (I was quite young at the time )



    Me too!!!! 😳

    Premier Icon Wookster
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    This one!! Made a 14 year old me very happy!! 😆

    Premier Icon doordonot
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    The early 90’s UK and US race scene and all the personalities: Tomac v Frishnekt, Furtado, David Baker, Tim Gould, Caro Alexander, Julie Dibbens (?), Barrie Clarke, Giove, Tinker etc.
    Grundig WC 1993 at Plymuff (where I put down my age ‘incorrectly’ on the race entry form) and managed to get entry into the WC qualifier. Iirc Dave Baker also had to enter the qualifier. Got dropped before the first river crossing which technically wasn’t even out of the start funnel. I got a good cheer from the crowds as I skidded down the pipeline on my fully rigid Hahanna.

    The emergence of full suss: Ritchey flexi-chain stays (or was it Cannondale?)
    ‘L’ shaped anodised purple or blue bar ends

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    For me the ’90s were riding Llangollen, Ruabon etc on a bike with a heady 50mm of suspension that cost me my whole 1st year student loan.
    The switch from canti to v brake, the feeling of power seems daft today.
    Freezing not only brake but gear cables riding in the winter.
    Ron hills.
    Sticking a gold Troy Lee peak on my Bell helmet and being called Tron by my riding busies for years even after I got rid of it.
    Riding my mates Sintese full suss and thinking it was awesome as I bounced up and down kerbs.
    Other mates Pro Flex stopping being suspension in the winter.
    Riding Llandegla before it was a trail centre (anyone else remember ‘mud valley’, the trail through it to the aqueduct that ran straight down from the sleeper bridges?)
    First trip to Coed y Brenin, sitting in the little shed type building Sian and Dafydd’s cafe was in hoping the torrential rain would stop as I hadn’t brought wet weather gear.
    Poring over the adverts in MBUK and drooling over stuff in Alf Jones in Wrexham.
    God, I could go on……
    Halcyon days. So glad I was there for them.

    Premier Icon TiRed
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    Raleigh 531 frame with a Jackson Pollock paint scheme and XT.

    Premier Icon boltonjon
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    Etto helmets 🙂

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1
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    Using those animal watchstraps as a trouser clip for my baggy jeans
    Those red DX v brakes and levers
    Azonic shorty stems

    Premier Icon Bez
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    Premier Icon dragon
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    I miss:

    1) The simplicity of older bikes

    2) Huge XC race fields, the big crowds and ensuing parties.

    Premier Icon gummikuh
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    Biopace chainrings.
    Nike Poobahs!

    Premier Icon cbmotorsport
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    Farmer John tyres


    And I also really wanted a Flexstem as I couldn’t afford a decent fork.

    Premier Icon ferrals
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    Huge XC race fields,

    I really miss this, couldn’t believe how small the XC scene is when I got back into riding a couple of years ago – seems like the big fields have migrated to cyclocross – get a similar feel racing that as when i used to race youth and junior back in the day.

    In a similar vein to PP’s boobies, I distinctly remember the ‘blue’ bit of Chainspotting – just the thing for a teenage boy 😳

    The switch from cantis to V-brakes was crazy, I had te red DX ones to match my red dx pedals 🙂 I also remember being crazy jealous of my friends magura hydraulic rim brakes.

    Also spent so much time trying to hop on and off pallets, trials style, emulating hans rey and the two martyns

    Premier Icon medoramas
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    How about going out for a night ride with one of those mahoosive halogen lamp, running on 2x C batteries and producing so much light, that you could see more less the whole 3 metres ahead of you? 😆

    Premier Icon Bez
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    I remember buying a Yuasa lead acid battery from Maplin and wiring it to a car fog lamp from a scrappy, mounted on a bodged bracket. It was *rubbish* 🙂

    Premier Icon BFITH
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    Purple, lots of purple….. purple socks, purple ear warmer, purple ron hill waterproof. Oh, and before I got any padded cycling shorts I wore ‘Global Hypercolor’ shorts….remember them….changed colour with the heat from your body. What was I thinking?
    Massive Duracell lights that took 2 D batteries each – 2 on the bars and one on the seatstay (still got them in the shed somewhere).
    Smoke and Dart.
    Getting my first suspension forks – RS Quadra 10.

    Premier Icon ferrals
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    I still have my purple and green ‘porelle drys’ waterproof socks – still just about keeping my feet dry too!

    Premier Icon 40mpg
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    Bullmoose bars.

    Bolting racks all over the bike, and bash bars under the BB and over the derailleur. Proper Iron ones too, possibly made in a school metalwork lesson.

    Wondering why, after all this, a puny fifteen year old could get so tired after lugging a 30lb bike with another 10lb of junk bolted on it all round the forest, day after day on the long summer after O levels.

    Becoming very fit very quickly, racing said monster bike in cyclocross all winter.

    The stupidity of youth eh?

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes
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    Alanis Mortisette.

    Premier Icon lunge
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    Big adverts for Wheelbase in MBUK and getting my Mom to order pedals from them.
    MTB Pro.
    Dirt, still the only mountain bike video that really makes me wants to get out there and ride with my mates.
    BASEjump pedals by Rob Warner.
    Buying my first pair of DMR V12’s and them being a revelation after the above.
    Bike ’95/96/97 at the NEC.
    Buying heavy, high rise, narrow Profile carbon bars from there.
    V-brakes completely changing the braking world. Disks were better still but v-brakes were a revelation.
    Jez Avery.
    The Malvern Classic.
    Rox t-shirts.
    Palmer on an M1 with stars and stripes livery.
    Tricks and Stunts with Martyn Ashton and Martin Hawes.
    Rob Warner winning the UK’s first. DH world cup race (Kaprun I think).
    Lusting after a Pace RC200,
    Spending all my money in Halesowen Cycles.
    120mm stems being the norm.
    Riding the trails around Alpe D’Huez in about 1994 with a guy who I later found out was a legend of the first UK racing scene. I can’t remember his name but saw him mentioned by Nick Craig in an article in MBUK 10 years ago. I remember talking to him about suspension forks and him being adamant it was only for DH.
    Answer Flat Foot shoes with the original red DX SPD pedals.
    Onza Ules and sticking them on with my Mom’s hairspray.
    Creaking, flexy square taper cranks and BB’s.
    Barrie Clarke and Paul Hinton.

    I could go on…

    Premier Icon allan23
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    Pretty much why I ended up with a Zaskar, never could ride it like Hans Rey though. Forward to 3 minutes or so for showing off new rim brake blocks then testing them on a ski slope.


    Premier Icon andywoodall
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    Answer Flat Foot shoes with the original red DX SPD pedals.

    I missed this off my list. I loved those pedals.

    Premier Icon CaptainFlashheart
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    Answer Flat Foot shoes

    The original blue and black ones, I hope?

    Hmmmm…Bula hats for slalom markers? Isn’t it? Wasn’t it?

    Premier Icon andywoodall
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    The original blue and black ones, I hope?

    Those were the ones I had, bought on recommendation from one of the mags at the time and, shock horror, they were really good.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop
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    lunge –
    For me it’s the lack of complexity of it all. No bike or tyre choice, no trail centres, you just rode your bike on local trails

    Many things, but that comment sums a lot of it up.

    Also simple nolstalga for my youth, everything was new and exciting back then including MTB’s..

    Premier Icon mamadirt
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    Wearing a rim down enough to cracking them under braking


    Bob’s Bash
    Cleeve Hill
    Bullet Bros chain tensioner
    Zip-tieing a noose around my fork steerer and front straddle wire as I was paranoid of a front tyre/straddle cable interface . . . just me? 😳
    Scott Unishocks . . . boing!!
    Blue and pink Sidis
    Local Motion Dominators

    Premier Icon timber
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    Fairly extensive list, just to add;

    Marzocchi DH3
    Cornwall Mountain Bike Club events in farmers fields.
    Jumps amongst mine waste.
    Ballistic Suspension.
    Xxyzyx forks (or whatever it was) with stancions like beer cans.
    Mountain Cycle
    Amp Research

    Premier Icon gowerboy
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    I wanted a Rockhopper but couldn’t afford it then the Muddy Fox Courier came out .. on returning from a summer in Peru in 1987 I bought one and loved it. until I saw a Fisher Hookooekoo. That was brilliant. Took it to Ladakh for the best trip ever.

    Premier Icon jamj1974
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    Don’t know why I opened this thread. Very disappointing. Nostalgia – not as good as it used to be…


    Premier Icon pickle
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    Klein paint jobs
    RST Mozo pro and RS Indy forks (both of which were too expensive for me)
    AVID Arch rival brakes
    wanting a gold Kona Pohoehoe so bad I contemplated a loan for one, then bottled it.

    Premier Icon orangeboy
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    I still have an old killi flyer with rst mozo pro w forks they cost a fortune new and now they seem rubbish if still light.
    Some things I do miss like shimano threaded headsets that just worked a never came loose

    And maybe I should not admit to this but still build most of my own wheels with purple nipplles as a little reminder of lazy summer days racing my mates in the SAMS xc series.

    I’d forgotten about chain spotting now off to find a download

    Premier Icon mick_r
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    Mavic rims (231?) with super narrow brake track – My mrs was constantly putting flat spots in them, so every weekend seemed to consist of trying to stop the brake pads rubbing through the tyre.

    Conti Cross Country 1.5 tyres if it was a fast course.

    Original Judy XCs. Then Pace MXCD the next year.

    Sachs Quartz groupset.

    Many hours of swearing trying to fit a “Power Spring” to a Shimano rear mech.

    World Championships where we sent a full team even if they weren’t likely to make the podium.

    World Championships with 175 riders in the women’s race (see above).

    Jez Avery.

    I remember a downhill at Eston where he started 1 minute after my wife. On the start line she got a slightly menacing “Are you next? Because I’M behind you…” She never saw him on the course, and in the results he was a whole second faster 🙂

    Premier Icon egb81
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    Meeting Tinker Jaurez at Newnham World Cup

    Premier Icon ChunkyMTB
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    Leith Hill, Peaslake, Wendover etc in the 90’s early noughties….


    Premier Icon duncancallum
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    Mavic 217s in sunset
    purple anodised shite
    acor skeewers
    Shite cantis
    awsome V brakes (I prefer wheeling my 1998 saracen killi as my awesome parallel push xt Vs and my speed dials (2.0 dontcha know) give better modulation than my discs

    CNC machined stems

    heres my 2 retro steeds

    its been well ridden and is a bit of a bitsa some stuff came off my 1995 taho but I love it, even if it tried to kill me,

    still ride it occcasionaly should take it to a MNPR

    and my o/hs Sunn

    Premier Icon duncancallum
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    oh and Dirt on VHS, the number of times me n my mates watched that end sequence whilst giggling hysterically must be in the 000s

    Premier Icon zippykona
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    I miss having the time to ride whenever I wanted.
    I miss the riding buddies I had in Devon , Surrey and on the South Coast.
    I miss deciding with which bunch to ride.
    Now riding is mainly a solo project tagged onto commutes or quick blasts while dinner is in the oven.
    However, it’s still riding a bike and it’s still fun.

    Premier Icon fd3chris
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    I miss my old proflex 995 which I bought after a long drive to Caversham. I think the shop was called Mountain High? It cost me a fortune back then and a week later I went back for the girvin forks. All because I saw it on the cover of a mountain bike mag and fell in love with it. I sold it around 2005 on ebay to an old guy who wanted a pootle around bike for £150 and he loved it. It was still pretty much immaculate

    Premier Icon orangeboy
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    I missed out the endless hours fitting over priced srp bolts in my first post oh and maybe lusting after a disc drive wheel

    Premier Icon langylad
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    Kona paint jobs. My burnt orange coloured koa had an absolutely bomb proof coating, whereas my gt karakorum paint peeled off when the dog licked it. Both were amazing bikes at the time though, especially after riding a raleigh ascender for a year.

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