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  • 'nose fairing' on cx bike!
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    Saw a guy on the C2C path near Lanchester today on what appeared to be a cx bike (only got a quick look) with a fairing which looked something like the one in pic. Both he and his mate were wearing reflective vests with ‘Sustrans ranger’ on the back.

    Any real benefits? Has anyone tried one?


    That is awesome.
    Didn’t airport phone booths have those fitted at some stage in the past?
    I think that they work well on recumbents.
    not so much a sneeze guard so much as a snirk splatter deflector……………or something.


    Common in holland .

    More for protection than performance


    Very late 80s. Look at what Alex Moulton was doing with early AM series bikes with fairings.

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    John likes them.

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    Protection looked very limited as the one I saw was smaller than the one in the pic.

    I can see the benefits of having one on a recumbent but this seemed too small to do anything unless you were in a downhill racing tuck!

    Edit : 10 that is very similar to the one I saw except it was clear perspex.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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