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    Mine are a couple of years old now but i had to go up 1 size, i’m usually a euro 44 but have a 45 in the Northwaves and they fit fine.


    I’m normally a 45 and I bought a 45 in the Northwaves. they fit perfectly 🙂

    I found them to be fairly normal, although I’d still go to a shop as the shape was unusual, I ended up about 3 sizies smalled than the first pair I tried on. Initialy assumed I’d be 46 as I’m 44/45 in spesh as i wanted room for thick socks, then ended up in a 44.

    The toe is quite narrow, but it seems to be longer as well so normal feet just sit comfortably further from the end. And I have wide feet.

    p.s. get the artic version, £10 and can get away with normal socks through most of the winter.

    Premier Icon composite

    Can any one tell me how these shoes come up in the sizing department? Did you need to buy a size up from your normal shoes or do they come out about the same?


    I’d recommend trying the actual boot, having sized up another shoe in their range prior to ordering the boot, I couldn’t even get into it when it arrived.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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