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  • Premier Icon ton

    going with the lads touring in September.
    been with the family also.
    beadnell bay, newton links, craster, alnmouth are all fantastic.

    pub at craster does ace fresh crab butties….. 8)

    Alnmouth last year – awesome (in a lazy way).

    Wooler show
    Alnwick gardens
    Bamburgh castle



    Crag Side and Lindisfarne are worth a look.


    Warkworth, Craster*, Beadnell Bay, boat trips, the iron age forts walk at the end of the Breamish Valley followed by a dip in the river, climbing at Bowden Doors, road riding around the Till valley, getting up into the hills beyond Alwinton, Simonside, Dune jumping, day out in Newcastle… Loads to do!

    *Best fish and chips.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Do not go to Alnmouth. Esspecially the Red Lion. It’s awful. Trust me.


    Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    Never been before

    What are the must see/do? Best beaches? Pubs etc.?

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    Walk from Newton by the Sea, across Embleton Beach to Dunstanburgh Castle & back again. Reward yourself with beer at The Ship Inn
    +1 For Cragside. The house is dull though so just pay for access to the grounds.
    Housesteads, Chollerford and Vindolanda roman forts.
    Bamburgh Castle & the beach.
    Boat trips out to the Farnes (Take a hat. Take a spare one too).
    Walks up the Ingram Valley. The view from The Cheviot is ok, but the walk up is a dull trudge through boggy marsh & the hill itself is nothing special a featureless mound.
    Northumberlandia is OK. Don’t go if it’s rained in the last 24hrs though as the drainage and paths aren’t up to it yet. Snowy Owl pub next door is good for food, as is the Ridley Arms in Stannington.
    Dinner (you like steak no?) at The Rat, Anick, nr Hexham. You need to book this.
    Riding in the Coquet valley followed by tea & cakes at Tomlinsons, Rothbury.


    +1 For Cragside. The house is dull though so just pay for access to the grounds.

    Free to National trust, as is Wallington hall which has a lot for kids, and a stunning garden.

    also, Edinburgh is only an hour away from North Northumberland, something to remember for the Zoo, Castle etc….

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    Edinburgh Glentress is only an hour away from North Northumberland, something to remember.

    FTFY 😈

    Going in two weeks. Posting to bookmark this.


    Cheviot is stunning, the Matterhorn of the north lol.


    Ditto Embleton and The Ship Inn. My folks used to have a cottage up there. Great place.


    Rumbling Kern. The single best spot on the entire Northumberland coast IMHO.

    Go South and see something of Tyneside and Newcastle. A bit of time wandering around Tynemouth (castle and priory, WWI gun emplacements, beaches, surfing, mouth of the River Tyne with ships, piers etc), up the river to Newcastle – all a short drive from most of Northumberland.


    A bit of time wandering around Tynemouth (castle and priory, WWI gun emplacements, beaches, surfing, mouth of the River Tyne with ships, piers etc)

    You missed Dino Golf!


    Visit Seahouses and take a boat ride around the Farne Islands, if you like Seals, Puffins (time of year dependant) Gannets or Shags….then you’ll love this trip, there are several boats and routes to choose from in crystal clear water.
    What’s not to like?


    ditto all above but some extras

    hadrians wall walk steel rigg to housesteads fort (can get bus to either end)
    newcastle – shopping/nightlife/cafes etc

    alnwick gardens are nice and the tree house restaurant is great
    holy island is pretty cool, good walks on far side but can be busy parking/dodgy with tide times
    ross sands is super quiet with excellent views of holy island

    rothbury – walks around simonside are good
    generally the remoteness and lack of people is the main attraction 🙂

    if you are heading from the south the A68/Rothbury route makes a more pleasant journey than driving up the A1 through Tyneside imo. bonus is hamsterley is just off the A68 in county durham and you’re closer to the hadrians wall stuff on the way… also less traffic

    Premier Icon The Pinkster

    If you like books the bookshop in Alnwick is definitely worth a visit as is the rest of the town, castle & gardens.

    If you’re heading towards the boarder then Berwick’s worth a visit too, if only for a walk round the walls.

    Bamburgh Castle & the beach below are great as well and if you’re feeling adventurous there’s always the drive out to Holy Island.

    Will be popping out that way again myself for a few days this summer.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    Craster and walk to Dunstanburg

    Taking young people then Alnwick castle

    Farne island bout trip

    Good single track tie in. Visit Holy Island to see the really cool sheds. No really they are great

    [url=]snaporart (2 of 3)[/url] by John Clinch, on Flickr

    Premier Icon Drac

    Well they’ve covered pretty much all of it but head up to Alwinton and beyond for hills and river plodging or Ingram either.

    Been a big difference in tourists this year, beaches that are normally busy with about 5 folk on have been very busy the lat few evenings. Must have been 40 people on the beach last night where I’ve been during the day before and it’s been empty. Alnwick was was busy tonight as we went through too, restaurants full, beer gardens too. It’s great to see as it’s cash and job but a shame as it’s been so very peaceful previously.


    A scotch pie from the awesome butchers in Bamburgh is a must.

    Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    Thanks all!

    Premier Icon oldnpastit

    Don’t forget to bring your bike and go to Thrunton Woods. Some really lovely single track in there, but you have to hunt around to find it. And no, a CX bike will not do!


    Just resuscitating this tread as we are planning a few days away and are considering Northumberland. We’ll have our dog so are looking for any nice dog friendly bnb’s that you’d recommend.

    Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    I can recommend one but it’s just over the border in Scotland

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