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  • Sue_W

    I live along the route, so ride it a lot!

    A few tips:

    If you can be a bit flexible on mileage, and can do a bit longer on the 1st day, I’d suggest staying near Rhos on Sea. Flint / Rhyl aren’t the nicest of places to stay, and the route along that section if the coast isn’t as attractive so it’s worth maybe pushing on.

    The scenery from Rhos to Holyhead is superb – you’d get to start the day on the virtually traffic free marine drive round the Great Orme. One of the best stretches of coastal road anywhere 🙂

    Anglesey is lovely – it’s maybe worth putting together sections of your own, or at least diverting down to a couple of the beaches. Be aware, it’s not all flat!

    Have a great ride 🙂


    not much help, but I regularly do the route from Rhyl to Llandudno with my daughter, just have to keep your eyes open for dog walkers with those long leads that extend for miles & the mess that comes with irresponsible dog owners.

    It’s a great ride with a lot of cracking views, there’s a lovely pub for a pint & cake just past Pensarn & a little further on an unused slipway into the sea which is perfect for a colling paddle (or a full on soaking last week when it was silly hot 😀 )

    we’re doing the Angelsey end next time we’re there in a few weeks (Daughters only 10 btw)


    Finally settled on my route for my september little tour. I’m going to cycle from my house near Stoke to Holyhead. This will be through chester and then flint, rhyll, conwy and then over to angelsey. Over 2 days using sustrans route No5 with a night in flint or somewhere around there. Probably looking at 70 miles a day so not too taxing, giving me plenty of time to take in the sights.
    Anyone got any experience of this ncn route and is it any good? partiularly keen to see angelsey as I’ve never been over that way before. Any tips from anyone gratefully welcomed.

    Premier Icon Russell96

    I live within about 50 metres of the route and I agree with Sue.


    The road section from Flint to Talacre can be a bit sketchy as it’s narrow, potholed and can be busy with hungover holiday drivers.


    Thanks guys. I think rhos will be a bit far in one day, just worked it out at 93 miles. Accommodation will be cheap in the Rhyl area though.
    Another question: is the sustrans route across angelsey the ‘best’ one? I shall be on a hardtail carrying little and might prefer something a bit more wild n technical than sustrans routes tend to be.


    When you get to Connahs Quay dock the route then takes you up a hill and through a housing estate(Pointless climb) so when you leave the river dee,at the dock,you pass a pub dont go under the bridge, turn right up the back of the pub a proper track,river still on your right then follow path to coast road,avoids another very steep and long climb and descent, stay on coast road to Point of Air, its not to bad to cycle on then joint the route 5, great route from there to anglesey.

    The wind is usually blowing from the anglesey direction and it gets windy, oh and there are plenty of train stations if you get bored of riding and need to jump a bit of trail.

    Prestatyn is slightly more up market than rhyl, and may be cheaper for accomodation.

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