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  • North Edinburgh Police: Awesome!
  • Premier Icon chickenman
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    Was woken by a noise last night and saw a bunch of kids helping themselves to our bikes out of the garden shed (burst the padlocked bolt apart). My first response was to shout at the wee b***ards who ran off abandoning the bikes; I then discovered that they’d nicked my crappy hybrid and somewhat worse my beloved ’05 Blur.
    The police came pretty quickly but I assumed that was that.
    4 a.m. the doorbell goes and 2 policewomen return my Santacruz (luckily I had at least pulled my breeks on!); 7 of the scrotes had been picked up three miles away (in Drylaw of course), all on stolen bikes!

    Premier Icon phatstanley
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    stone ’em!
    burn’ em!
    hang ’em up by their bits!
    give ’em to clint eastwood for the dispensation of some frontier justice.

    had mine nicked from my shed a few months back in the easter road area, so am too aware of your *almost* pain.

    hoorah for da five-oh!

    Premier Icon samuri
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    The noise thing is interesting, maybe we should be tying loads of tin cans to our bikes to protect them.

    The other night here two kids broke into next doors wagon to steal his huge toolbox ( he’s a fence fitter).
    The box was too heavy for these two so they made so much noise trying to move it down the road it woke my wife and I up who chased them off.

    When the bloke came out he picked it up by himself and carried it to his garage. 😉

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    Where about in north Edinburgh are you, I am in pilton and starting to wonder if I should up my security?

    Perhaps some hounds or electrify the garage door…

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    I’m in Muirhouse – my bikes live in the house.

    Premier Icon ojom
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    Nice Rick. You love that blur! Glad you didn’t lose it.

    Premier Icon phatstanley
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    fwiw, after my last bike (banshee paradox) got nicked from our garden shed, i’ve upped the security for my commuter and the wife’s/kids’ bikes…
    i eventually got a bfe and, though it was originally a pain to take it into/out of the house every time i ride, i’d NEVER leave it in the shed. and i’m getting used to the new routine.

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    I am in pilton

    Same here, which is why my bikes live in the house!

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    Just round the corner too. I see plenty we scroats hanging about and know for a fact some of them are bike thieves (they’ve tried to sell my nicked stuff back to me before!). The bikes are well locked away now. Police have also been good for me in the past.

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