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  • london_lady

    Has anyone had this and if so how long did it take to get over it? Had a day and a half off work with all the symptons – vomiting, achy limbs, nausea and a few others but still feel pretty ropey. Hopefully will be better for the weekend but am still struggling to keep food down – only water and nuun going into the stomach at the moment. I have no idea where I could have picked this up but if it is the winter vomiting bug it is pretty grim. I didn’t even have the energy to wrap the SO’s birthday present!


    48 hours after the last last explosion from either end before you should go back to work. Probably 3 – 5 days of the world falling out of your bottom.

    You should feel OK at that point


    He doesn’t deserve a present, for not looking after you propply! What a git. 🙁

    Here’s something nice to take your mind off the suffering:


    Definitely stick to the 48 hour rule, highly contagious! And I would advise cleaning/disinfecting door handles, taps etc. too once you start feeling better…

    Horrible, isn’t it?


    oh yeah, got the t-shirt for this! 2 days to stop feeling sick/achey. 4 days to start eating again, i had no notion for food, started back on mashed potato for a few days.

    Ho hum

    You have my sympathies!

    It is nasty and quite debilitating. Mrs Ho hum, the three little Ho hums and myself had it once in the space of 5 days.

    You will get better though 🙂

    Premier Icon Drac

    Dont feed the bug it’ll keep breeding starve for 24 hours with small amounts of water often.


    I thought it was just another daily mail scaremongering story but it seems quite widespread. I was a bit horrified when I read that it was hygiene related being a bit but then I was told that a large number of people don’t wash their hands after visiting the bathroom. At least I get out of racing on synday!
    ES – are you deliberately trying to make me feel queasy?


    Sorry to tell you but a norovirus stayed in my family last year for about 7 weeks…we all had it one at a time but on repeat for about 4 doses each.
    Felt fine between bouts, kids would eat and drink normally for weeks then suddenly just vomit again.
    Bought my little lad a bucket of his very own in the end! He decorated it with stickers and took it everywhere for a month…


    it’s grim. only able to suck ice cubes as drinking water just started the vomiting again. although i got hold of some domperidon tablets which stop vomiting, if you can keep one down they do the job.
    i wouldn’t wish it on anyone, it’s very contagious too.

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