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  • Noob question regarding Hope BB / BB Cups
  • I know this is stupid but I’m replacing the whole bottom bracket with a hope one for the first time and I have a noob question.

    I need a 30mm bb for my hope evo crank on my orange five and just wondering, is this hope 30mm cups simply just the cups and not that actual bottom bracket they screw onto?

    So if not do I need to buy these 30mm cups as well as an actual hope bb that they fit on onto?

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    No the bottom bracket bearings are built into the cups

    What you need to check is whether you need a treaded or pressfit bottom backet as a lot of 30mm BB are pressfit

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    Think a 5 is threaded so just order that – but then you’ll also need a 30mm tool as well

    You’ll get the end cups (threaded) with the bearings in them but no centre part as this is too small for a 30mm axle

    The centre part doesn’t actually do much other than provide some additional sealing

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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