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  • i need to take a spare chain to nepal for the trans nepal race.

    i run 1×10, and my road bike is 10 speed (can you see where this is heading?)

    is there any reason why, as just an emergency spare, i can’t temporarily leave my roadbike chainless, and take that as a spare?


    None that I can think of other than:
    Is it the same length?
    Is it too worn/not worn enough to work on the other drivetrain?
    Doesn’t 10sp need a new joining link every time you split it?

    So. Actually 3 reasons then. Sorry. 😉


    Why don’t you just buy a new one as a spare/back up, then if not needed use it when either of the other two need replacing. No brainer surely, not as if its an expensive item, especially if your going all the way to Nepal…


    Buy a new one or remove the road bike one, and fit it now, leaving your old one as a spare. Then you can be safe in the knowledge that your old chain should work, unlike a new one which could suffer from a whole host of slippage issues due to slightly worn drivetrain.

    can’t afford a new one (minmum wage + trip to nepal isn’t condusive to having much spare cash 😉 )

    kinda need the chain on the road bike for getting to work, but will think about that option.

    have a spare link 🙂



    I’m pretty sure i read that 10spd dynasys and 10spd road have some compatability issues.

    Being that you’re off on a bike trip to somewhere where bike shops aren’t a dime a dozen, I’d suggest beg/borrow/stealing the money for a new chain as you’ll feel like a bit of a wally if you snap a chain on day one and spend night one being ‘that guy’

    I always use DuraAce 10s chains on my race MTB so no, no reason at all. assuming it’s long enough etc. From what I’ve heard about Trans Nepal though, 1×10? are you sure?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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