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  • None drinkers, when out on the town – what do you drink?
  • PrinceJohn

    Non alcoholic ginger beer…

    The non alcoholic options all seem crazy sweet

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Gin and Tonic without the gin. 🙂


    Gin and Tonic without the gin.

    Slimline tonic, lime and plenty of ice cubes

    Ale…as much as I don’t like drinking, I don’t like being the only sober person in a crowd of drunks. I also have no will power so even if I deliberately drive it mostly results in abandoning the car till the next day.

    If I really wasn’t going to drink then it would be tonic water.

    Premier Icon Potdog

    Lime and soda tends to be the one for me.

    Premier Icon porter_jamie

    Lime and soda. Usually they know exactly what you mean. Abroad it’s a disaster as they dont recognise it so I go for lemonade or sprite as I kid myself it’s not as bad a coke or pepsu

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    I don’t like being the only sober person in a crowd of drunks

    It used to be blackcurrent and soda until I came to realise that something that something in cash and carry blackcurrent cordial has an amphetamine-like effect on me. By the end of the night i’d be quite irresponsible and tiresome company for drunk people. I really quite liked being the one non-drunk person in the crowd under those circumstance but wasn’t really aware how it was that I was having so much fun at everyone else’s expense.

    These days Ginger Beer and Lime


    Yep.Lime and Soda does it for me.I’ve been at gigs where they’ve even made no charge for it.

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    If you’re looking for an alternative for booze in a ‘designated driver’ situation rather than a non-drinker then Brew Dog’s ‘Nanny State’ is a pretty nice alcohol free beer and a nice alternative to sweet fizz.

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    Premier Icon i_like_food

    Boring but lime and soda for me too.


    “ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Web Site 125 calories a bottle and it has vitamins plus minerals!”

    It’s shit though. Utterly pointless. I’d only drink it if water was the only other option.

    I can’t imagine ever going out to a pub/bar and not drinking alcohol. Probably a damning indictment of our society or something.


    Trying to avoid coke, orange juice and water…..

    What do you drink when out, but not on the booze?

    Premier Icon jakd95

    Lime and soda too if I’m driving, not too sweet so far nicer than coke/lemonade/etc

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    You lot sure you don’t mean soda and lime? 😆


    Soda water straight up, no lime, that costs money.
    If I’m going to be the only sober one I’m not going to spend any money. Not a penny.


    I know OP mentioned “not coke” but that’s what I do, it’s shit – I don’t mind not drinking, but I always end up drinking 8 cokes, driving home a bunch of drunks and whilst they can pass out, I’ll spend the night ripped to the tits on caffeine.


    That reminds me, many years ago when I was 19 or 20, I went to the pub, drank about 3 points of coke pretty quick, left, walked out past a queue of people, did a vomit, went across the street got in my car, opened the door, did another vomit, drove off.
    Most of the people in the people in the queue looked pretty shocked but no one seemed to report me.


    Another for lime and soda, refreshing, lasts as long as a pint would to drink, fairly low cal


    Soda and lime with ice cubes to keep it cool for longer.
    In the early 90’s I drank, pint for pint with my mates, alcohol-free Kalibre lager. Same price as alcoholic lager.
    I’d wake up with a banging headache feeling hungover, henceforth the pop.


    Lime and soda, tonic water, or tomato juice with Tabasco sauce. I get sick of sickly sweet and/or acidic soft drinks all night.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    I know it’s not strictly non-drinking, but if you’re going to be out for 3 or 4 hours half a beer or one gin will be long gone by driving time.

    In that case, I’ll have a G&T to start, but then once there’s spece in it for another tonic, I’ll add another tonic, and again, and again, so you kid yourself that it still tastes like G&T even though the gin’s diluted to homeopathic levels.

    Same with a beer, half a beer and half an alcohol free mixed, and in another a/free, and on and on so you don’t immediately get that fake beer taste and instead transition into it.

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