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  • Non-UPS Broker…Customs?
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    Purchased something off the Philips site (under £125), which ships from the Netherlands. Which wasn’t made clear at time of purchase. Any how, for well over a week now my UPS tracking info has kept changing delivery dates and comes up sporadically with ‘Clearance in Progress’, ‘Clearance Complete’.

    I’ve gone on their useless chat and the bot says it is with a Non-UPS broker. Is this customs? I assume there are huge delays at customs due to the B word and C word…which could also be Boris the C**t.

    Anyone else experienced something similar? Am I likely to have to pay a fee? (invoice says tax paid already).

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    Is your order under £135 Inc the postage? – if so it should be cleared by customs with no further charges. I believe UPS manage their own customs payments and protocols so its prob an issue with them rather than any duty to be paid.

    If it’s over £135 Inc the postage, you may need to pay customs duty and vat – but you also should have saved the vat on the order….

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