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  • Unless you’ve lost loads or had a load of hassle, probably let it go. Life’s too short and all that.

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    non payment strike.

    Its a fairly toothless punishment. As a seller, if you set your listing to filter out non-payers they need to have several recent strikes for the filter to be effective. Its such a faff to set the filter every time you list that I doubt many sellers do. So its more of a tutt-tutt than a slap on the wrists.

    But if the buyer is a serial non-payer then unless you and others use the strike then nobody can filter his bids

    non payment strike.

    He needs to realise a bid is binding. Don’t tell him first as I think that once its filed they will be prevented from leaving you negative retaliation feedback.

    Edit: Actually, I think if they had contacted me and explained, I would let it go seeing as you had the second chance accepted. But if you had to chase the winner for the money then non payment strike.


    Fair enough.
    Thanks guys.


    If the winner of an item on ebay does not pay, claims somebody else bought them the same item, do you let it ride or do a non payment strike against them. Second chance offer did take it.


    He needs to realise a bid is binding

    That’s the problem though, its not binding at all is it ?

    They get no punishment most of the time. So if there is no penalty, they won’t stop doing it.


    I’ve been royally shafted last week, had a car up for auction, worth about £500-£600. Some guy put a max bid in of £850, then contacted me and offered £450, end the auction now and they would pick up and pay weekend after (about 4 days after auction ended). I said thanks, but no thanks, so they immediately used a bogus account to outbid themselves to £875, effectively kiboshing my auction. Needless to say I heard nothing at the end. All I can do is open a non payment issue against the bogus account and report the other account detailing my suspicion (I’ve no proof tho).


    How do you know it was a bogus account? No previous sales, that sort of thing?


    If he contacted you and explained then I’d given him the benefit of the doubt and let it go. You sold the item anyway to the second highest bidder so it doesn’t sound like you’ve been inconvenienced in any way.

    Cry on STW about it a bit.
    Lodge a non-payment thing with eBay. Whether someone bought him one or not, they’ve pulled out of an agreement. You go through all the “I agree to buy” crap before you finalise the bid. Sod them.

    Non Payment strike. Always. It’s pretty flimsy but it’s the only protection Ebay offers sellers against this kind of misuse.

    I’d like to see one of these buyers at Christie’s explaining after winning an auction that their mum bought one of these already, so they don’t need this one any more, so they won’t be paying…

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