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  • Noisy roof when windy!
  • geordiemick00
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    I moved into a 5 year old new build a few months ago and when it’s anything more than slightly blustery my bedroom as the most annoying vibrating sound coming from the roof. It seems to be just above the eaves and is a chattering noise as if a wave is breaking against the tiles and lifting them. This house doesn’t have soffits and the facia is mounted direct to the brickwork. I’m wondering if that has any contribution to it.

    Looking from the outside there’s nothing obvious.

    EDIT! just opened the bathroom window and noticed it’s the under felt chattering against the soffit and guttering, makes the most awful noise!

    Time for some ladders and duct tape…

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    leading edge of the vapour barrier flapping/harmonic vibration?
    leading tiles lifting?

    EDIT: Hole in one for stoner 😉

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    Unexplained noises can usually be explained by paranormal activity.

    This noise however has been explained so you can be pretty sure it’s not paranormal activity but you can never be 100% sure.

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    Under felt chattering against the soffit and guttering?

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    Spray foam everything !!!

    Just make sure you move out before any work need done in the same area !

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    we had this for a couple of years after we had moved into a newish build, then after a particularly brutal storm one of the tiles cracked. The chap who sorted it out for us said that non of the ridge tiles were nailed down properly and was supprised we still had a roof…anyway, now much much quieter, still chatters a little but not keeping us awake, having to sleep in lounge sort of chatter.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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