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  • Nobody interested in size L Yeti 575?
  • dekadanse

    Have to confess I’ve been struggling to sell my 2011/12 size L Yeti 575 in black and in excellent condition. Good kit too. Previously advertised here, but with very little result.

    Spec includes alloy frame with carbon seatstays, Push tuned RP23, Revelation World Cup 150mm forks, Mavic 521 rims with Hope hubs and tubeless Specialized tyres, SLX cranks, X0 shifters and rear mech with XT front mech, Avid CR brakes, 730mm Funn Fatboy bars with 65mm RF stem, KS dropper post with Specialized saddle…….

    I’m asking £1500 (find one cheaper!) – what are you offering?

    EMAIL IN PROFILE for questions and pics and OFFERS (but please no asking for pics and then vanishing without a word).


    Premier Icon Shackleton

    Why not put the pics up here and save both parties the trouble? I may have been interested but your advert and attitude doesn’t make me want to hand over my money.

    Also 9sp/10sp and is at first glance a fairly individual build. You may have more luck splitting.


    Thanks Mr Shackleton – if I knew how to put pics up here do you think I wouldn’t do it?

    As for ‘attitude’ – WTF??? I even say ‘thanks’ at the bottom! And asking people to reply with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when you send them pics is scarcely unreasonable


    It’s not very difficult to post pictures up – if you can register on this forum it’s no more difficult than that.

    Open photobucket account
    Upload photo to account
    Click on the link in photobucket for showing photo in a forum
    Paste into thread.

    £1500 may be a bargain but it’s still a lot of money for a 2nd hand bike with no warranty with an individual spec others may not like. There’s probably a buyer out there somewhere but if you don’t find them it won’t sell, simple.

    Splitting will get you a much quicker sale.

    Premier Icon Shackleton

    My point was that the easiest way to sell things is to make it easy for people to buy. If you want to sell something you should make the effort, not rely on potential buyers to put all the mileage in on the off chance it could be what they would like. Your advert came across as you really couldn’t care less about what happened. Not very comforting when you are asking for £1.5k.


    Have you got it on ebay? If not, stick it on there, someone will message with an offer in no time. I sold my bike recently on there. Took 4 days, had it on pink bike and on here and had no interest. Put it on for £75 more than what your min you will take is so if someone presses buy it now the fees are covered. Put in listing you’re open to offers. Someone sent me an offer i was happy with, he popped round, paid cash and I cancelled the listing so no fees to pay. You’ll be amazed how quickly the watchers start stacking up.

    Good luck

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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