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  • Nobby Nic No More…..Maxxis Ardent's or something else ?
  • RealMan

    Rubber queen?

    cheers – anymore suggestions?


    big betty?

    fat albert?

    big betty's on my FS. they're too much tyre for the HT 😀


    2.4 ardent 62a one of the best tyres i have used, really good in everything tbh


    Just mounted up some 2.25 Ardents tubeless on my Flows. Very similar to my UST 2.25 RR's in volume and weight, thought the sidewalls feel thinner on the Ardents.

    anyone using Ardent's yet ?

    thoughts / opinions ?

    fwiw, the NN's are finished, sidewalls too thin, they were almost semi-slick however.

    prepared to put up with extra weight for increased sidewall strength / puncture resistance……

    or any other thoughts.

    large volume (2.25" to 2.4" max) is my requirement.


    anyone run LUST high roller 2.35"s on 819's ? snaps – your opinion gratefully requested.


    have you tried the alpinecross or snakeskin NN's?


    tlr, i have used 2.35 on 819's and found them to be OK, they would roll of the rim a bit if using really low pressures, but most wide tyres are the same on 819's.

    richc – i need UST for my 819's preferably.
    realise now that Ardent aren't UST available.

    si – cheers.
    i'm not into really low pressures. 35psi for me usually.
    any lower and i have too may problems.


    I've ran them using stans kits and sealant no problem. SO they could be worth a look

    richc – sorry – run ardents or HR's ?


    Lecht – i'm running high roller (non UST with stans) after i got them inflated (rim setup nothing to do with tyres, to be fail for a none ust tyre they have very few leaks, nost were from sidewall damage i had done). if i run them lower than 30 psi they feel to floaty and i worry about rim damage (i'm not graised with fineese with my riding i just plough though) grip well and don't roll (or the rim) in corners, still trying with the setup atm though.

    fozzy – i have on/off success with UST.
    quite happy to pay for the LUST version, and add latex.
    i simply want fit and forget reliability, not bothered too much about additional weight……..


    i run 60s kev front and rear..

    after a few tests this weekend, (bad back currently) found 30psi (front) and rear 35psi to be the best for me, i've taco'd a set of wheels (317's) and don't like running to low as they felt spongy..

    someone will ask why run tubeless then, will i rarely puncture my tires but i pinch tubes a lot..

    Premier Icon chakaping

    anyone run LUST high roller 2.35"s on 819's ?

    Yes, on the front of my Reign.

    My easiest tubeless fitting experience yet, all went perfectly and has held for months now. Used Joe's liquid.

    Great all-round tyre, very grippy for a normal compound.


    I used the LUST 2.35 highrollers for a while, they did not last very long and I'm no mile muncher. I'd rate them "ok" rather than "good".

    ok – i'll give them a bash – thanks folks 😀


    Ran a HR LUST 2.35 on the front and it seemed pretty good but they weigh a ton (well a kilo anyway) so swapped to a Blue Groove for the moment on the front. Advantage 2.25 working OK on the rear (non UST model but using it tubeless).

    fuzzy – @ 1kg, they're likely to have a pretty sturdy and strong carcass then 😀

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