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  • No Monday Morning Debrief? Ok, here's mine
  • loddrik

    Saturday, spent most of it in bed.

    Sunday, wife had me stripping walls then watched a season and a half of breaking bad. Now halfway through season 2.

    Today, out on bike most of today, just around and through Liverpool and along the Mersey into Cheshire. Nice day it was too.


    Saturday. Visited an archeological dig my sister was involved with before heading off for 18 miles in the Ochils.
    Sunday. Cleaned and prepped bike 2 for a Cairngorm tour later this week. Fork oil change for bike 1.


    I completed week five of the sufferfest training plan with a 2.5hr zone two ride which wasn’t as dull as i expected. No pictures unfortunately but south northumberland was looking nice as the colours started to change.

    Premier Icon NZCol

    Friday – 7hoours in glorious sunshine on the Heaphy Track (One of NZs great walks – open to bikes in the winter, to be honest its a better ride than a walk or run) 80k i think. Beautiful riding, few wines and whiskies in the hut at the other end a return the following day in biblical rain, hail, sun and wind in 8hrs. Great trip.

    Premier Icon dawson

    (I did do a search…)

    Glorious weather

    Saturday – pootle with the kids, bridleway and canal

    Sunday – took the missus and kids to a wool/craft show in Skipton, so I used it as an opportunity to get a ride in…
    A ‘big sky’ day

    Today – is my birthday, day booked off work for Birthday Bike Ride and did the Nidderdale loop from the last issue of the mag.

    What about you?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Friday was a big day at work so saturday, stayed in bed til late, then nipped down to innerleithen and used the uplift to access the enduro trails, 3 quick runs (you have to shift to do some of the longer ones and not miss the bus) then dragged out the big bike for 1 run on the dh with mates. Beautiful day, superb riding, couldn’t ask for more.

    Sunday, another late start, so cancelled other plans and down to glentress, bumped into Craig who I think posts on here then rode <nonexistant trail> and broon troot and a new line down to the ponds that I hadn’t seen before, then back up for a bash down the red. Ace.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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