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  • No gas – leccy outages and a world war 1 bomb
  • trout
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    its an interesting Easter here in Yorkshire

    we have no gas as Barret homes contractor has ruptured the gas main

    we are not expecting it to be back on for a couple of days  there is a strong smell of woodburners around the village

    they have given out lots of heaters and cooking rings  the result today was power cuts as the system could not cope with 3700 homes all using leccy only for heating . the gas people Northern Gas Networks have been brilliant  and drafted in loads of folks from around the UK to help get it working again .

    then we have a world war 1 bomb found in a local shed

    the weather is shite

    things can only get better  hopefully

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    Ouch. You could probably cook the roast using one of your lights on full power though.

    Hopefully you’ll get some gas tomorrow – you may need it by Monday.

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    If only you had some efficient LED lighting to keep the place lit up 🙂 Stay safe and (try to) stay warm. Love from toasty Leeds.

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    A flat I used to rent had a new gas installation and central heating put in one summer. The contractor made a total arse of it and a few months later it was condemned and had to be totally ripped out and replaced. Except now it was mid winter.

    So we were without heat or hot water (or floorboards) for a week or two while the new stuff was being put in. But as the work commenced…. conveniently,  Scottish Water started replacing the pipes in the road. So for most of each day we didn’t have water (hot or cold) either. Then one of their JCB operators managed to sever mains electric and the phone/broadband in one go.

    Sitting in the dark one night we wondered it it was possible for someone to cut the air supply off too.

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    Well, probably better than too much of all three

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    some homes now have gas but looks like it could be 2 days before everyone gets reconnected

    its a balmy 5c in our house this morning  just lit the fire and cuddling a cup of coffee .

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    Local area  had a similar thing when a large water main burst and flooded a gas main, houses without gas for a few weeks as all the water had to be sucked out and pipes purged, houses broken into and gas checked  if residents were not in available.

    then they had power cuts as cables overheated

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    My mate got the bbq out this morning! Plenty of gas over here in Skipton if you want to borrow some?

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