which no fuss robust watch for Gnar*?

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  • which no fuss robust watch for Gnar*?
  • Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    *just riding about

    Not expensive, not fancy just reliable and won’t break when it gets wet/sweaty & I fall on it.

    Budget up to £40
    Needs time & date and hourly chime but no other thrills or gizmos that I’ll use maybe once but never again

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    Casio watch for a tenner as modelled by Bin Laden and crew. If it does suffer a direct hit from a US drone strike then you still have £30 to buy three more. Assuming you weren’t also finished off.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Obviously a Ulysse Gnardin

    But yeah, Casio W86 bombwatch is ideal. Light, slim, tough and waterproof, little risk of it causing you damage with the rubber strap, costs very little.


    I have a cheaper g shock that is perfect.
    Not the fancy edition version.

    Premier Icon vondally

    casio w 86 cheap, daughters has been to Nepal/India/USA/eastern Europe still going

    then for slightly more

    g shock in 24 years had 4 all still working but plastic straps became brittle survived climbing skiing outdoor ed work biking and children


    G shock with basic LED display so as not to shake the hands out of sync. Mines going strong 20+ years on of abuse.
    If you shop around I’m sure you will source one for budget.


    Aye, cheapy Casio. Perfect.


    Somekind of Lorus, I have one thats slimline(doesnt protrude from your wrist)and as is less likely catch on rucksacks or tree branches as per my last one whilst having massive numbers which is good for viewing whilst riding.

    Its also super reliable and accuarate so I use it to set my “good” watches when they stop.


    casio f91w, had a few as i’ve destroyed a couple in the last 10 years but for less than a tenner a pop it doesn’t matter. plus when the strap snaps/breaks makes a convenient handlebar mounted timer/clock 🙂

    I have one of these;

    Utterly awesome bike watch. Has survived many, many crashes. Also gets used on the beach/boats etc. Sadly, it’s time to retire it, as strap is cracking up, and whatever magic was powering it is slowly coming to a death after about twenty years or so!

    IIRC, it was about fifty quid when I bought it on a whim in an airport en route to a sailing holiday in Greece!


    I’ve got the slightly more expensive at £14 Casio W-86-1VQES but it’s got the proper “Electro-luminescent” backlight making it more handy for ninja work http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B002U0KHPG/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_dp_ss_2?pf_rd_p=103612307&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B000J34HN4&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_r=0M6DQXW9BPNJDXWA4MJV

    Premier Icon surroundedbyhills


    Not my actual wrist, or watch but the updated version. Spend the change on beer and chips.

    Premier Icon vincienup

    Casio AW80 for me. Way more complicated than required but has velcro strap (massive win over metal or resin bands for me) is reasonably waterproof and has actual luminuous moving hands with little digital display for stopwatch etc.

    Cost about £16 from Amazon I think…


    G-shock (any of them, whichever takes your fancy). Mine survived an industrial washing machine, brake fluid, biking, climbing (including dropping it 15m), altitude and extreme cold etc.

    Has had a new strap, but that was cheap enough at a local market.

    Premier Icon kcal

    My watch of choice for last decade or more – cheap Casio – seems to be a W-800H at the moment, but my son’s just borrowed it and destroyed the strap 🙁

    Time to get another one. Looks like it was about £15. Oh well.

    Premier Icon kilo

    bought a casio dw290 for a mtb race in south africa when advised not to wear anything good, there or elsewhere and was going to bin it after – c£30 and I quite like it and still wear it reguarly now

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