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  • No Friday EDL this week?… it is then
  • Tom B

    E. King Prawn Chow Mein
    D. Spiced Rum and Ginger Beer
    L. Them Crooked Vultures (can’t say that I’m enjoying it)


    English Defence League? Enchanted Deciduous Leaves? Enhanced Dangerous Lizard?

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Eating: had a lovely slow cooked lamb joint with piles of veg
    Drinking: Spitfire beer, on offer at Sainsbury’s
    Listening: was going to watch a movie on the telly with mrsmidlife, but it turns out I’ve seen it before and not even Katherine Heigl was enough to keep me watching, so I’m in the back room watching BBC iplayer music stuff. Just finished the Goth compilation, and started on the recent Maida Vale stuff, James on now.


    bean chilli as I’m doing the iDiet thing currently
    random plonk (red) earlier but peppermint tea now
    country music on BBC4

    living the rock’n’roll lifestyle here… 8)

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Drinking .. Blue Moon
    Listening…currently Play Dead but on an 80’s indie trip. Just had The Chameleons and The Sound.
    Edit .. now March Violets. Anyone going to Balaam tomorrow night?


    Seafood risotto
    Saltaire Blonde
    Ray Lamontagne
    I’m a happy man

    Homemade mushroom balti. (Ok – augmented Patak’s 8) )
    Redbush tea
    Knifeworld (and some tawny owls in the garden enjoying the massive full one tonight)


    E: beef stroganoff
    D: brandy chocolate milkshake
    L: girlfriend complaining about her life.

    Two out of three isn’t so bad!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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