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  • m0rk

    Made the mistake of watching it live, so no option to FFwd through all the crap

    I might sit in silence for the remaining 40 minutes, as it’ll be better than Graham yapping to a footballer, or regurgitating YouTube as content

    Premier Icon Drac

    Didn’t like it the last time it was on so not watching it. Of course I could then whinge about the presenters and what they said but I won’t.


    Looks more like the circus show at the moment 🙄

    That Magnus reporter guy is bloody awful! The woman who just did the cargo bikes was far better.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    That Magnus reporter guy is bloody awful!

    He’s a better commentator to be fair. It’s only recently that he stopped racing so he’s still getting used to be the other side of a mic! But yes, how uncomfortable did he look while that bloke was using the massager on him!

    Always nice to see some names from back in the day! Messrs Ashton and Hitchens!

    Again, the presenter is the weakest link. Newsreader chappy could be a good replacement.

    Hardly an excuse though – surely they did a screen test?! Surely can’t be hard to find an ex pro who’s able to get some words out coherently…

    Premier Icon crispo

    First time I’ve watched it tonight.

    Do they ever have mountain bikes on it?


    Just boycott the thing. Simple.


    aaahhh balls, I knew there was something I was meant to watch on a Monday…

    Premier Icon Blurboy

    Fell asleep, again


    Last weeks presenter was much better, but they are trying and tbh it captured my oh for 10 mins the unicycling looked fun.


    Its just boring, I don’t waste my time with it anymore.

    Poorly edited, dull features. I can’t find anything positive about it :-/


    It was on?


    It’s just like a mag though isn’t it. If you have a bike already, if you know how to ride it and if you kind of know what’s going on there’s no need to watch it.
    Only seen snippets, the problem is you can’t fast forward, so I give it a miss.
    And it’s on during the summer when you’ll be out riding sqeezing the last bit of evening light out, possibly racing an evening crit or on the turbos/gym.


    Watched what I think was the first episode, but was put off by a totall boring interview with Nigel Mansell. Has it got any better since then?


    In a word…….NO!

    Saw the last 20 minutes last night, what a load of rubbish 🙂

    Premier Icon mos

    Has the show got anything to do with CRC, as the logo’s for both seem very similar? Also, there always seem to be a few future publishing titles thrown on the table?

    Premier Icon nickjb

    Has the show got anything to do with CRC, as the logo’s for both seem very similar?

    the first series was sponsored by CRC. I guess they made the logo to match then kept it for series 2

    Premier Icon mattbee

    I don’t mind it tbh, although it looks like someone’s final project for college at times there are some entertaining bits. Better than no cycling show at all I reckon. Pedal related stuff should be on relatively mainstream tv and it is a step in the right direction.

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