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  • exilegeordie


    I’ve picked up a secondhand Wii console for Geordie Junior for Christmas, and as both he and his Mam love a good boogie, I’d like to get a dance game and mat(s).

    I’ve read in some reviews that some mats only work with specific games and versions of the console. For info, the console is a Wii Black and came with the Wii Sports Resort Pack and has the series of ports on the side of the unit.

    Can someone recommend me a dance mat that’ll work with the ‘Just Dance’ series of games, but which could potentially work with other dance games as well please? Also, do you need to buy two dance mats (assuming you can have more than one person dancing at the same time?)

    Thanks (and changing my name to confusedgeordie),


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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