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    I live in a 60s built house, complete with the original hollowcore doors. Not being someone obsessed with making everything look Victorian (as Britain seems to be), I need to track down a suitable matching flush interior door.

    I’m guessing that most of these original features have since been discarded by home “improvers”, but are they something a salvage yard might hold onto?

    Otherwise, where would be a good place to source something new that’s suitable? (Am undecided on colour – we’ve either got teak or sapele.)

    I’ve googled and googled, but only seem to throw up a billion alibaba hits….


    We took the same view as you when renovating our 60’s house. Used these but bought the fire doors to give them a bit more weight and substance

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    I only need one, hence trying to get a match (I *think* they are sapele, but could easily be teak – they are 45 years old..!).

    Am glad to find another person who appreciates that not all things 60s are to be disregarded. I rather like the period* features of these doors….

    *Just not bloody Victorian/Edwardian “period” as every (wo)man and their dog is now obsessed with.


    Our Victorian/Edwardian house had lovely doors, solid wood, gorgeous. My opinion obviously. We only found out by accident as the original owners wanted the sixties look and had covered them with a sheet of hardboard, pinned in place then painted.
    Cheaper than a new door, unless you have a door missing then you’re starting afresh anyhow.

    Omitn, I’m willing to bet they’re sapele. Email a pic if you want and I’ll have a look. Teak never really took to being used as a veneer that well, and tends to be used more for “solid” stuff. Teak is browner than sapele and has more grain pattern.

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    DD – I’ll do just that. Cheers.

    PS the effect of singletrack addiction: my neighbours both have forenames beginning with the letter “D”. I’ve already given them a pet name of “The Deadlys”.


    Have dm’d you an email addy on that there twitter. The one on my profile actually requires me to go and check.

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