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  • xanboy

    Just wanting to know if anyone has one and what it’s like to ride compared to a steel one?

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Carbon Niner forks on a Scandium Niner Air9 here = Faster than I can ever ride it and very comfortable as long as it’s not too rough.

    Air 9 carbon with 100mm reba’s, a fantastic ride even on twisty technical stuff, the traction when climbing is unbelievable even with a crossmark on the back and when your on anything close to flat or fire roads you can just wave goodbye to your riding buddies.
    Anyone that compares it to one of the cheap £300-500 efforts that are available really needs to look a little closer!

    Can’t offer a steel comparison as it’s 20 years since i rode ANY steel bike!


    I looked closer…could’nt see £1300 of difference tho.


    Not to fussed whether it’s worth more or not, just want to know what people think of them. I am waiting on a demo and I think I have made my mind up if it rides as well as the steel one.

    @ Rorschach

    I could, but you are entitled to your own views and opinions.
    I do however agree it is a case of paying alot more for those differences but if they make the bike what you want it to be then that’s better than spending less but ending up with something that doesn’t excite you to ride it?

    Have you got a carbon 29er or are you looking at getting one?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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