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  • Mintman

    Nikon D40 Body for sale, just over 1 year old, excellent condition. Just upgraded to a D90.

    Camera body comes with protective cover for lens mounting ring, eye piece, strap, software, battery , charger, USB cable and power cable.

    The D40 is a great camera, particularly suitable for beginners and those not wanting to splash loads of cash on big expensive DSLR bodies. The D40 takes great pictures; don’t be fooled by the fact that it “only” has a 6MP resolution, it is the sensor that makes the difference. Some of my photos have been printed at A3 size without even a hint of looking blocky.

    This camera has all the features that make owning and using a DSLR fun. It uses interchangeable lenses, 3 autofocus points and different control modes (Aperture priority, shutter priority, Full Manual and Programmable).

    It has a pop up flash and will take a proper flash gun if you wanted to buy one.

    To help beginners it has a clever built in “help” function; you just press the question mark button and it’ll explain what the settings mean. It also has a completely automatic “point and shoot” mode if you really do get stuck!

    A review of the camera can be seen here:

    It basically sums up by saying the Nikon D40 has everything you need, delivers cracking pictures and it’s brilliantly easy to use. For those looking for a budget bargain of a DSLR: the Nikon D40 really is it.

    This will be on ebay tonight so i reserve the right to sell elsewhere and all that blah…

    £140 ono

    Premier Icon ampthill

    I’m tempted but I’ll stick with my D70s

    Worth pointing out this is a great camera. Probably better than the cameras that replaced it

    Get a 18-70 off ebay or and you’ll have a great all rounf camera

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