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  • satchm00

    Check out ebay or amazon for ssc p7 bike light. Extremely bright light from china, does the job better than most 3 times the cost. The lamp does get hot just to warn you but mine have lasted two years so far. I run one on my helmet and one on the bars.


    For first time ever I have a full time job so finish at 5 and then a few nights a week ill be heading out to the forest as not prepared to miss out on much riding just cos its gonna be dark. No real experience of what is a good combo of lights having never needed to so after some recommendations? Not too ££££ and reckon a bike and helmet set? Cheers


    Or even the Cree XML ones. Brighter than the sun 😉
    I’ve a single one on my lid and a triple on the bars – cars dip their lights before they come around the bend.
    Just be aware that the chargers won’t be EU safety approved and there have been stories of them catching fire, I charge mine in the garage.


    I’ve had some of these for 2 years, still going strong and super bright, charge when i’m sat in the office 😉

    last around 2-4 hours depending on beam.

    mates just bought some of these, and even brighter, disgustingly bright tbf, but he only paid £24 as came from hong kong seller…


    There’s a recent thread about one of the new 2xXML units with external battery here. Personally I use 18650 cell torches… a charger and UK adapater is £5 from Dealextreme, mounts are a couple of quid, I have an abundance of free cells from old laptops, and the latest LED torches range from £8 to £15 each.

    My current set up is:
    501b XM-L2 from Lightmalls – £8 for a head torch on this mount
    C8 XML-U3 also from Lightmalls – £11 as a bar torch using this mount
    but you can now get a C8 XM-L2 for £12 which might be even better (depends on the driver settings)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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