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  • Night riding – hints and tips?
  • Premier Icon simmy

    Get the same light as your mate and ride about 3ft apart when cars, walkers etc are coming towards you and feel like Moses parting the sea.

    Everything moves as they thnk you are a Car or Van.

    I’ve done loads at the beginning of the Year but hate being in the Dark alone, it does make you Paranoid.

    Stick to trails that you or someone else know well and, like has been said, stuff can look bigger / deeper with the shadows.

    Only things we met up with was Drug Dealers, who do get out of the way quickly, young people ” improving relationships ” in their Saxos and the odd sheep.

    Actually, just remembered seeing some strange people hiding behind a wall in Rivington, and a Witch ( full on costume ) on a Cycle Path in Bolton, not scary just weird.


    I always go night riding in a group, as we do quite a bit of rocky stuff. Also, if it’s winter I would think twice about going alone. If you fall off it could get serious.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    A fox’s call sounds remarkably like someone shrieking as they are devoured limb by limb by one of these ‘probably don’t exist but then they might’ escaped panthers.

    If you hear a fox calling, you’re obviously required to immediately assume it’s a panther. And bug out, as fast as humanly possible, which actually Won’t be fast enough to outrun a panther with a taste for flesh but don’t let that worry you.

    And seriously – if you are Surrey area and ride at night on the army lands, be acutely aware of potential troop exercises on the area and if they are about – cover your lights asap, be polite, and **** off and ride somewhere else. There have been several incidents where groups of night riders have messed up training exercises and then got into arguments about it. We need to make sure we act responsibly so we don’t force the mod into taking action.


    Night vision goggles
    Zip ties
    Gaffer tape
    Assorted vegetables
    Goose fat
    Bin bags


    Premier Icon aracer

    Take a bivi/tent and sleeping bag and don’t come home until daylight.

    Go proper hardcore

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Go with your mates and have a pint afterwards… like I am doing in 30 mins. 😀

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    FWIW, long-distance road riding at night is awesome too.


    I love night riding with mates. Have done it a few times solo but I must admit it is spooky. And the night I had a puncture I nearly kacked my pants with all the noises. Yet if I do a solo road ride at night, even down the local country lanes I never feel scared despite the fact it’s probably more dangerous than riding in the woods. Instinct maybe?

    Premier Icon clareymorris

    Every Tuesday night…all year round for us.

    In a group though – monsters don’t like groups ;-D

    Premier Icon clareymorris

    Werewolves on the other hand…


    young people ” improving relationships ” in their Saxos

    Riding back across the Quantocks tonight i crossed the road onto a bridleway and could see what looked like a number plate further up reflecting in my light. Somebody had backed their car right upto one of the gates and as i got closer full beam straight through the windscreen gave me the sight of somebody’s white arse bobbing up and down 😯

    The rest of the car was totally steamed up but even as i rode past a few feet away and stopped right behind the car to go through the gate the car didn’t stop bouncing 😆

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Just remember there’s nothing out there at night, that isn’t there during the day.
    Only now, now it’s awake.
    And hungry.

    Premier Icon bigdean

    First night commute home today, bats, an owl, deer and what sounded like a fox mating with a pine comb.
    The worst was riding through wispy spider webs.

    Just like day riding except it’s night time. You feel like your going warp speed, I find climbs easier in the dark. And if I’m on my own I listen to music so my imagination doesn’t run amok! Missus tried it with me, she loved it. Switch lights off, stop and look at the stars on a clear night, with minimal light pollution it’s amazing 🙂

    Premier Icon GDRS

    My only rule of thumb is stick to the plan….a bit like solo riding anywhere – if you do have an off and you are not on the route you said you were on, finding you is all that bit harder.

    And take a foil blanket and a warm hat. Needed them once. Really did stop a bad thing becoming worse.


    Ride all your fav routes and once you are at full speed you will find night riding is just better it brings back all the fun and silliness And all the muggles
    will think you are mad

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    after my ride last night.


    Would be my advice.


    … and don’t bother night riding in fog or mist – your lights will be useless and you’ll get lost. I managed to miss a turn on a path I’ve done more than 100 times.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Rear lights are for the road, turn em off when you’re in the woods/off road. Following a bright red light (especially flashing) is a pain in the arris.

    And watch out for the Bummer Wolf and the Barghes, just make sure you’re not at the back, ok 🙂

    Hayfield Hub are meeting tonight at The Royal in Hayfield (strangely) for a 7:30pm start. You’re welcome to join us. Imagine “The Wicker Man” but with more rain and set in the Peaks.


    Premier Icon binners

    … and don’t bother night riding in fog or mist – your lights will be useless and you’ll get lost. I managed to miss a turn on a path I’ve done more than 100 times.

    Your lights won’t be useless! They’ll be far worse than that! Having 1000 lumens bounced straight back at you means your lights just become a bloody liability!

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Solo night-running is even scarier. At least on a bike, you often have the chance of pointing downhill and getting out of there at 20mph. Can’t outrun the wolves….

    I ride all year round at 8pm on a wednesday. Last week was the first one of the season to have lights on from the start. Oh well…

    FWIW, long-distance road riding at night is awesome too

    Final stage of the LEL I started at 10pm, rode across the fens and got back to London at 2pm. Sunrise over the fens was pretty cool.


    Solo night-running is even scarier

    Usually out hashing at night in a 30+ strong group once a week, I’m sure we cause a few riders a bit of a scare before they fathom out wtf the string of lights coming towards them are 😀

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