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    Just remember there is nothing there at night, that wasn’t there during the day.

    Only now, it’s awake. And hungry.

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    Its also deer rutting season. So that will explain the distant (or near) bellows and screams.

    Probably 😯


    We cycle in a section of woods where in the last 3 months, someone has hung themselves, a dog with fatal shotgun wounds to the head has been found and a reported flasher has been sighted, still won’t give up the weekly night ride though although there are usually two or three of us that go out together.
    We have been doing it for nearly 2 years now, actually prefer it to riding in the day, much more exhilarating. I will also vouch for not wearing a head torch mounted on the top of the skid lid, I hit a branch at speed, nearly ripped my head off. 😕


    ps various encounters too with foxes, badgers, rabbits (very dumb animals)although haven’t encountered any large cats yet………

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    I’m just about to start venturing back out after sorting out my lights

    I do most of my night riding alone. In the local woods I can generally keep “the fear” at bay. If i go further a field like out to a properly big forest I really do shit myself.

    There is just something totally primal about being alone in the dark outside. Humans aren’t nocturnal and your body and mind seem to want to fight against it.

    The logical bit of your mind knows the forest is empty because you are the only person within 5 square mile stupid enough to be farting about on a mountain bike in the dark. The rest of your mind thinks there’s an axe mudering wereeolf vampire behind every tree.

    It is however an absolute buzz and if you can keep your head on riding your bike, really good fun. There has been a few times where I’ve just thought “**** the second lap I’m going back to the car” though!


    I read somewhere that if you’re concerned about mad axemen, take an axe with you.

    What are the chances of there being two people with axes on the trail at the same time 😉

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    Oh and you don’t really need that much light, especially if you are out yourself. When I first got into it I used a 10W Vistalite Halogen.

    A light on your helmet and one on your bars is all good but you don’t need to be as bright as the sun


    When in the deep woods stop and turn off all lights and listen as the forest comes alive, seriously exhilarating. Then you notice you pedal away faster than you thought possible

    +1 for this 🙂


    This thread was started 3 days ago, and no report back from the OP….

    Oh no, he’s been eaten 😯

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    If I am out alone I do want to be as bright as the sun to scare the bogyman away.

    Its great fun , the wierd thing at first is that because the lights are so strong even the smallest drop looks like it might be huge due to the shadow caused. As said before ride trails you know. You do get odd stuff. like if its foggy your shadow will projected onto the fog by someone behind you … kinda spooky

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    Posted 2 hours ago # Report-PostDrP – Member
    ……why you’re riding in the dead of night, on your won, miles away from civilisation……

    Also known as 500m from Morrisons…


    You have to watch ‘Sinister’ before you go out! The increase in breathing brought about by the paranoia will increase your fitness ten-fold!

    Enjoy – I love nightriding.


    I’m doing my first night ride tomorrow and I’m taking the local vicar along hope he enjoys it


    Wednesday night ride tonight. Half-way through helicopter seems to hover above us, flying circles, back with us for at least 10 minutes. We start joking about us wood vandals now being chased by the troops.

    Towards the end of the ride on a narrow lane police car approaching, flashing lights.
    “Good evening officer.”
    “Where does you lot come from at this time of day?”
    “Uhm… the woods. Over there. Anything wrong with…”
    “Did you see 2 young guys, black and olive clothes, eastern-european accent.”
    “Alright then.”
    “Wait a minute, is that why the helicopter…?”


    All of the above…
    + beware the moon, keep off the moor…

    If you meet a load of panic stricken squadies your screwed…


    Or see trees flattened by something huge coming towards you…

    Pedal like crazy!



    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Ideal technique From tuesday nights ride, stay away from the ground…

    night flying by rOcKeTdOgUk, on Flickr

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