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  • eightyeight

    I’m going to do a skills day with Nigel Page (he of Nukeproof/Chain reaction fame) at Delamere Forest and am looking for a lucky person (or two) to join me to split the cost.

    I’m looking to mainly improve jumping / drops but also general bike handling (cornering, pumping etc). Basically I’m gearing up for doing a number of gravity enduros this year.

    Any one who thinks they might be interest please e-mail me (in profile) and I’ll supply you with further details.

    I’d be looking for riders of a similar standard to get the most out of the day as possible. The standard being:
    – Happy (ish) in the air, but looking for improving technique. Looking to start tackling doubles with confidence
    – Confident on reds, but tend to hope for the best on technical bits / blacks

    All in all, it would probably be worth riding together first.



    Nigel is a top guy and a great coach. I’ve met him quite a few times through some friends of mine who spent a week with him in the Alps doing guided riding and coaching. He’s extremely capable, both on the bike and as a coach.

    I’ve actually tried to get in touch with him a few times over the last few years for coaching down in the south but never managed to get hold of him.

    When are you looking to do this day with him? I’m from the NW originally and my parents still live up there so it’s not out of the question that I could come up for both an introductory ride with you and then subsequently the coaching session.


    Geetee – Great, I’ve read review on the stuff he did up Gisburn with Great Rock, so pretty sure it’s just what I’m looking for. I’m fairly flexible on dates. I was thinking early April, though need to check my calendar (and I’m sure Nigel has a few committments…).

    Drop me an e-mail and hopefully we can sort something out.


    Im lucky enough to ride with the man on a regular basis and i can tell you, he has natural skills most of us can only dream of! He see’s things on the trail that don’t apparently look doable and makes them look easy, his effortless handling skills and control amaze me ( i personally hate him for it) but ya can’t fail to be impressed, Lol 🙂
    Seriously tho, Top fella and a mass of bike skills, enjoy yer session with him cos i know you’ll be a much better rider for it

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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