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  • sharkbait

    There needs to be a Radio 1.5 aimed at people older than the R1[direction] demographic but who, like me, can’t stand to listen to the old crap they play on R2.
    Come on BBC I’m 49 but, amazingly, I like listening to recent/new music and not stuff from from 1965 – nor do I need talking to as if I’m hard of hearing or unable to go to the toilet without help.


    Radio 4 and 6 now

    Never listened to Radio 1 as most “pop” music is utterly forgetable drivel and always has been.
    Never really listened to Radio 2 so cannot comment on it.

    Premier Icon binners

    I don’t get the 6 Music obsession. I have listened a couple of times and it’s ok but it’s nothing to get excited about.

    Well… everything’s relative innit? Most radio is absolutely dire! Daytime on 6 is great. La La is fantastic in the morning. loads of live sets. The Primal Scream one last week in particular was quality. then Radcliffe and Marconi in the afternoon? It doesn’t get any better than that, really.

    I occassionally used to Freelance at a place that had commercial radio on all day. It drove me mad. I genuinely couldn’t believe that people would listen to it through choice. Absolutely bloody awful!!!

    Premier Icon DezB



    Means I never have to listen to any wittering DJ fools. And 20,000+ songs all of my own choice! Why drive with anything else?

    Premier Icon binners

    If every one of those 20,000 songs is of the same quality as the one illustrated, the long motorway miles will fly by 😉

    Premier Icon DezB

    Greatest Hits mate, GREATEST HITS!

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Gave up on radio a few years ago. Certainly morning or drive time shows which just compound the misery of your daily commute. Spotify or podcasts for me now. In saying that, I do like Dermot O’Leary on R2 on a Saturday afternoon, mainly because I’ll hear it on the way back from a ride.

    Premier Icon ransos

    The mistake the Beeb are making is trying to change R1 to attract the yoof rather than letting a successful product mature with it’s listeners and offering a new product for young listeners.

    It was that attitude that left us with DLT and Simon Bates. No thanks.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    6 Music all the way apart from Sunday when it gets a bit self indulgent like.

    Not having DAB in the car Simon Mayo on the way home has to do.


    Junkyard – Member

    Radio 4 and 6 now

    Me too.

    R1 is for kids.
    R2 is for old duffers.
    R3 is for about 50 listeners -Give 6Music the FM slot.
    R5 is like the Daily Mail/Express over the airwaves and I have no interest in football
    Commercial radio is cack

    I’ve had a Pure Highway for a few years, from the days when I did a lot of travelling about.

    The output cable is tucked behind the console and is constantly plugged into the glovebox ‘aux’ input and gets powered by the cig lighter when required. The Highway lives under the passenger seat -I don’t need to reach it as it is only used for 6Music.


    He’s not Chris Moyles. That’s the main thing.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Well… everything’s relative innit? Most radio is absolutely dire!


    Almost all music on the radio is dire, no matter the station, except for the occasional specialist programme on certain Beeb stations. The fact was that Moyles, love him or hate him, provided what many millions of listeners wanted first thing in the morning… Some light hearted banter, easy listening chat, and a bit of a comedy approach. The absolute last thing I want to hear first thing in the morning is crap song after crap song! It takes many hours into the day before I can manage to block that out…

    Nick Grimshaw is/was OK when working with his partner in crime, Annie Mac. On his own he’s as useful as a chocolate teapot! Forget his (totally unforgivable) image for a moment as hardly any Radio DJ’s are an oil painting or well dressed (they work on radio, not TV, for a reason!), but he just has no substance whatsoever. He works quite well as a double act with Annie Mac, but she was the one with all the talent and content to the shows. On his own, he sounds like he’s been hung out to dry on purpose, almost as if someone at the Beeb was trying to prove a point about Chris Moyles being the saviour of Radio 1. There’s many other DJ’s that work for the Beeb already (not Scott Mills!) that would have been eminently more suitable for the weekday breakfast show than Nick Grimshaw, but it’s like they wanted to fail so put him on the case!

    I don’t see it lasting long in its current format, they’ll either hurry up a team in around him and a lot more material to ease those who’ve got so used to having Moyles in the morning into him, or they’ll just axe him and bring someone else in when the ratings inevitably flop massively! For reference, I’m 32, younger than the average age that were listening to Moyles in the morning, but significantly older than Radio 1’s target audience, as are most of my mates. If Radio 1 want to re-take their position as a Radio Station for teenagers, and Radio 2 gets older and older, and the other stations out there don’t want to do anything except play the top 40 playlist, then there’s probably 30 million people in the UK between the ages of about 20 and 50 that have been forgotten about by the Radio Stations!

    For what it’s worth, I’ve got nothing against Nick Grimshaw (his awful style taste aside), and I wish him well, but he’s gonna need all my best wishes and everyone else’s to even keep his job come Christmas time! EVERYONE I know who used to listen to Moyles in the morning has given him a go for his first few weeks, and has now switched off or switched over… Mainly off! Seems we’d all prefer silence than anything out there currently available!

    And whilst binners might keep banging on about “6 Music”, radio is not just about music. If I want to listen to good quality music in my car, I’ll plug my iPod in, or play some of my favourite CD’s. Sometimes it’s good to tune in and hear light hearted entertainment, and entertaining radio features and phone ins, which I can’t get from my music collection!

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    I remember a nice interview with Mark Radcliffe back when he worked on Radio One. He compared Radio 4 – where you have a half Oxbridge educated presenters produced by Oxbridge educated producers working with scripts written by Oxbridge educated writers and researchers all making a half hour programme – to Radio One where you employ someone with a haircut and give them an open mic for 3 hours.


    I’m not a fan of Grimy – ever since he was on the 10pm slot & made the cardinal sin of playing music on the playlist – in John Peel’s slot!

    He also annoyed me back then as most of his taking bits between records seemed to consist of ‘me & florence of florence & the machine went out last night to watch some hip band’ – don’t talk about the amazingly hip band you saw, play some music by them so we can judge for ourselves….

    His new show in the mornings seems to aimed 8 year olds now with Justin Beiber & One Erection being interviewed. It seems just now Radio1 has signed a deal with X-factor to just talk about it & play anything that will appeal to people with no taste.

    Admittedly I’m outside the demographic they’re trying to appeal to & mostly listen to 6music – but I cannot remember R1 being this bad.

    From speaking to a friends kids (14 & 16 – only one of whom is in the demographic) they hate it & most of the kids at their school do as well.


    He plays lots more music than the previous incumbent. Which means less time to listen to the floppy haired ****. Shame the music is shite tho.


    Moyles was completely awful. cant believe he played sooo little music.

    Grimshaw plays more imo from having been exposed to R1 when the wife drives

    overall radio is a durge, only good stuff was breezeblock, experimental and essential mix.

    now you have to go specialised with excellent stations / shows like electronic expolorations by Rob Booth

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    I was suprised how good it (DAB) is. I lose signal in two spots for about 10-15s.
    One is a deep, steep valley bottom. The other is more random section of open moorland.

    By contrast, I drive from Suthampton to Portsmouth 2 days a week, along the M27 for about 15 milesI guess
    DAB reception available for about half of it. Used to be better but either my radio’s going off or they’ve turned down the transmitters

    Absolute Radio for me . Very funny till 10 am then we switch to Absolute 80’s or 90’s.
    Sometimes we just leave it on Absolute all day . JackFM as an option when the high pressure sends the dab signal wonky .
    Listening to 80’s all day is abit much as although they have 10 years and thousands of songs to choose from they play the same 100 or so .

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