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  • FoxyChick

    One good thing about Blackpool, and I mean only one!! 8)

    The Grand theatre…’tis truely lovely!!


    didn’t that paedo off coronation street get killed there? That’s one good thing about blackpool.


    black pool

    it hardly stood a chance did it, why didn’t they just call it Tar Pit or Dirty Hole?

    Premier Icon lowey

    Had the best Rave clubs in the late 80s early 90’s.

    Shaboo, Oz, Sequins ahh happy times.

    Met my wife there, a Blackpool girl.

    Premier Icon smokey_jo

    Stanley Park, one of the finest municipal parks in the country. The council are currently in the process of creating an adrenaline sports park for the kids (and adults who don’t know better) including skateboarding, inline skating and BMX.

    Premier Icon smokey_jo

    Ah yes also met my wife there, also a Blackpool girl.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    Went on a staggy there maybe 15yrs ago

    None of us got in a fight 😯

    The giant-glove boxing was ace, hungover on the Sunday morning


    My uncle provides most of Blackpool’s chip shops with potatoes, so out of a sense of family loyalty I hope loads of people still go.

    A trip to see the illuminations is OK – some are pretty amazing, especially those on the tram cars.

    Also AdamG / snigletrack formerly of these parts is a resident – enough said 😉


    I had my first pizza hut twisted crust pizza there, It was awesome, god I wish they would bring that back!

    Edit, this one


    Also AdamG / snigletrack formerly of these parts is a resident – enough said

    I know Adam quite well, having ridden with him many times. He used to own office and warehouse premises to the south of Blackpool next to the motorway (Marton I think), but he lives somewhere north of Preston in the Ribble Valley.

    I believe he’s relocated his business to bigger premises closer to his home and closer to the hills for those cheeky afternoon rides. Lucky bugger…

    In a world of cookie-cutter high streets and homogenised town centres, Blackpool stands out by so different to anywhere else in world.

    For me that difference is worth celebrating!

    A busy afternoon at the Pleasure Beach has an atmosphere that (IMHO) is fabulous.
    It has one of the world’s finest collections of wooden roller coasters, many of which are hugely underestimated.
    I’ve had some utterly wonderful days (and evenings) enjoying the buzz of the place.

    Illuminations, the Tower, the lively nightlife.

    Isn’t it all about perspective?


    Only one good thing about Blackpool and that is the Northern soul weekend at the Tower Ballroom every Year. 😀
    Everything else is fookin crap although some of the sights you see on the way back to your hotel at nights can be fun to see. I didn’t have my camera last time but below are the types of things that you might come across!


Viewing 12 posts - 41 through 52 (of 52 total)

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