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  • Nice simple tasty curry recipe ?
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    I love to cook but I do find curry one of the things I tend to be lazy and make / assemble from a jar. I will have to try the Gorssman curries, I use the pasta sauces occasionally.


    Can’t recommend these highly enough. Simple and very very tasty!

    We brought some awesome Garam Masala’s back from Goa, from a spice merchant in Candolim. Various flavours & colours, so simple to use that you don’t need much else apart from onions, tomatoes, creamed coconut etc.
    Unfortunately we’ve got none left so we’re going back next January for some more. 😆

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    We cook quite a lot of curry from scratch, and have numerous books on the subject as well, but by far the best book we have found has been Rick Stein’s India… I think every curry we have cooked from there has been fantastic, just be mindful that most of the recipes are Indian hot!

    One of my favourites is also one of the most simple and that is the Paneer Jalfrazi, however it’s nothing like the jalfrazis you normally get in the UK!

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    We’re also in the lazy/cheat category and use the very tasty Anila’s sauces…

    It’s really satisfying making your own from scratch – especially if you do it over a glass of vino chatting to the other half. Even the one I posted, seemingly one of the more of the involved ones, doesn’t take that much effort – and I’m a flapper under pressure in the kitchen!

    Google ‘A Girl Called Jack banana, tea and chickpea curry’

    Very good, different. And easy. You can change it around too. add kiwi, coconut etc.

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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