Nice pub/eating place near Abergele, N Wales

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  • Nice pub/eating place near Abergele, N Wales
  • PeterPoddy

    That’s where I am right now. Need to find somewhere

    a) Not posh
    b) Not a chain pub
    c) Not pizza/indian/burgers/chinese

    A quiet pub that does ‘normal’ food where I can sit and read a book without being stared at or having the football on the TV on.

    Owt or nowt?

    (Rhyl looks like a shithole)


    Rhyl looks like a shithole

    There’s a reason for that. It’s because it is.


    Snaps, sorry, should have said, that’s too far away. 5-10 miles max 🙂


    Lowey, again, sorry, that looks waaaaay too posh and expensive. I’m on my own, at work and have £17.50 to spend!


    Kinmel Arms in St George is very close to you – its lovely.

    Good beer and great food – once took my Mum and my now ex-mother in law and they both loved it, which is the equivalent of elvis presley riding Shergar to win the Derby.


    Andy, Just looked at the Kimmel Arms. This put me off:

    With gourmet food of the very highest quality

    Which means ‘expensive’ to me…?

    £17.50 including desert and a couple of soft drinks? I do this 3/4 nights of the week, so I know it’s possible, but you’ve gotta pick carefully!


    Kinmel is lovely but fish and chips will be £15!

    had a post ride beer there last night…regular Tuesday ride starts and ends there 😉

    Can’t think of any nice pubs in Abergele…sorry!

    Black Lion Llanfair TH, The Stag Llangernyw, Wheatsheaf Betws yn Rhos, White Lion Llanelian, Theres also Pen y Bryn Upper Colwyn Bay or the Toad in the sea front Colwyn Bay.

    The Valantine in Llandulas used to be good, not been there for years and don’t know if they do food.

    Edit,You could go to a chippy then get the Bus to Old Colwyn and have one of their fine real ales watch the telly and read your book very nice pub that doesn’t do food.

    Premier Icon lowey

    The Toad, Colwyn Bay

    Had a meal here last night. Was Excellent, really top notch. If you get there before 7 weekdays they do a two course menu for £10.

    If your around Thursday then The Red Lion does real ale at £2.25p a pint for thirsty Thursday 😀

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