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  • Nice places to eat in Troyes?
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    We’re stopping for the night in Troyes on the way to Morzine next week. Just wondering if anyone had done similar and could recommend anywhere for a good family meal please? Nothing posh; just nice pizza/steak/veggie option stuff with tables by the river or somewhere fun to sit and people watch.


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    Stayed at the Ibis a few times which has great secure parking underground if your carrying bikes on a towbar rack (not sure if clearance for roofrack) Troyes a great intermediate stop on the way south.
    Supermarche to fillup on the way out of town south towards the autoroute.

    Have eaten at Bar L’Illustre in a lane of timbered houses on Rue Champeaux off Place Alexandre Israel. It was good solid French food, prob not Michelin anything. Lots of others in that part of town. Kids menu too, mine was 10) Lots of people watching
    Also lots of restaurants on Rue Urbaine IV, but can’t remmber waht it was called.

    We haven’t explored the river, and other parts of town as just wanting food after lots of driving, and this was close to the hotel. Depending if France is en vacance there might not be so many places open, so choice may be limited

    Enjoy some great biking.

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    2nd staying at the ibis – really easy to get to. The streets around the centre are full of places to eat – all most all local/independent – I’d just wander around and pick one you like the look of.

    People watching is guaranteed. My daughter still tells the story of how her parents got completely ****ed on cheap champagne and starting commenting on *everyone* who walked past.

    That was on Rue Mole by the church – I think it was a place called Rouge et Noir

    If you are staying at the ibis , the walk into town is a but uninspiring but once you get to the medieval bit its lovely – I wouldn’t bother heading over the river its the wrong side of the ring road.

    The Marche de Halles (food market) is excellent.

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    That’s great info, thanks. We’re staying in an AirB&B a short walk out of town. I’ll do some virtual exploring.

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    I can’t recall where we ate, but I know we had a lovely wander round the old town, it’s a great stop over. As others have said, don’t be discouraged by the outskirts, the centre ville is worth visiting. Enjoy.

    Also, when saying the name, if asking for directions or about it, ‘Twa’ seemed like the English equivalent to the pronunciation to me 🙂

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    If you’ve got Gcn or discovery worth watching tomorrow’s tdf femme stage starting from Troyes

    Or maybe you’re already there OP

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