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  • Nice French Campsite with biking AND a nice football pitch??!
  • tb927
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    Dear Wise folks of Singletrack,

    I like kinda rustic out-of-the-way campsites in Wales/Lakes etc., but am thinking about taking the family to France this summer for a big trip.

    Anyone got any recommendations for a pretty place with the following?:

    – Wilderness/mountain running or riding from the campsite (not too gnarly, I like reds’n’blacks but wife more into greens’n’blues)

    – Decent sports/football pitch for son who’s 10, he plays club football so would be nice if there’s somewhere to work on his game before the next season.

    Wouldn’t have to be Alps or Pyrenees, but somewhere not right in a town and pretty/spectacular/cool would be cool.  Swimming pool at the campsite or within walking distance would be a bonus.

    Many thanks for your thoughts!


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    We have stayed here. Plenty to do. Lake to swim in at the side of it and if I remember a football pitch adjacent

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    Sweet, thanks for the tip Tracey, will check that out.

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    Walked past that campsite when I stayed in Samoen last year, looked to have plenty of facilities in a nice area right on the river . I liked Samoen, good biking on the gran massive side, or bus up to the col and ride back down in to Les Gets / PDS area.

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    I have a mate who grew up in Bourdeaux (not to be confused with Bordeaux), it sits in the foot hills of the Alps. Anyway he recons it has some great mtb (VTT) trails, also has some good campsites (although he’s never camped) which have all the facilities to occupy a family for a week or two.

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    Samoens a good call. How about Bourg St Maurice?

    Bourg St Maurice

    Swimming pool.

    Proper town a short walk.

    Kids entertainment most mornings.

    Supermarket opposite the campsite

    I think there is an enclosed 5-a-side pitch just along the road. I can’t see it on google though.

    And of course take the funicular to sample the delights of Les Arcs VTT.

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    Once again, thanks all for the thoughts…

    Bouncing off your suggestions (and on the off chance anyone reads this looking for same kind of stuff) I found a place called Bozel that has a Velosolutions pumptrack, a lake to swim in (kinda in town) a skatebowl, and club football pitches adjacent.  Maybe not the very best riding, but me needs a footy pitch!

    A more remote place called Les Lanchettes looked amazing, tucked away up a valley a bit, and one of the hosts is a MTB coach, more like XC or Ebike mountain riding rather than lift access stuff from there.  [no pool, no footy though 🙁 ]

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    Loudenvielle in the Pyrenees has pretty much what you’re looking for.

    We’ve been there multiple times and it’s a lovely small town, with amazing views/facilities and riding.  lots for kids to do, big lake, posh Spa, riding straight from Campsite, with Ski/riding Gondola 200m away.

    But, Shhhh don’t tell everyone.

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    I live in Millau, south of Massif central and about 1h30 from the Méditerranée. Plenty of campsites with swimming pools, river is good too , Gorges du Tarn ,and the riding is great for all levels . Bike park underneath the Millau viaduc, or natural trails . Easy access with motorway.

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    @tb927 we stayed in Bozel years ago. The village itself as you’ve spotted has everything you require. For biking, I’m fairly confident that the Courchevel trail network would cover everyone’s abilities.

    Loudenvielle in the Pyrenees has pretty much what you’re looking for.

    But you’ll get a slap on the wrist if you try swimming in the lake and it’s full of people from Bordeaux who drive white X5’s! Err, can’t think of any more reasons to discourage people from going there, but just don’t, ok.

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