NI Trails Rostrevor/Castlewellan – how do they compare to say Glentress?

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  • NI Trails Rostrevor/Castlewellan – how do they compare to say Glentress?
  • manilow

    Hi All, will be taking a short trip over to NI son to see friends, and want to check out the trails.

    Based in Scotland so ride at the usual hangouts, Glentress, Inners etc, but would appreciate your view on how the trails at Rostrevor/Castlewellan compare to the GT reds/black in terms of technicality?



    Castlewellan is a very easy trail, I’d compare it to kirroughtree possibly, not a great deal of elevation.

    Rostrevor is more of a big mountain feel and I’d compare it to Ae, the two downhill trails in rostrevor are pretty good, one rocky and steep and the other jumps and berms, they get bad press from some because of the shape of the jumps but if you check the trail out first it’s good fun, some jumps need to be squashed rather than hitting them flat out.

    Some great natural trails in tollymore forest and donard wood nearby.

    Davagh good too, where in ni are you staying.


    I’d echo Lyrikal regarding difficulty – there isn’t any really. A couple of rock gardens in CW that might take you by surprise if you ride the trail blind but other than that, zip. There are however some fairly tight sections with trees and rocks in daft places which can make it a challenge if you are traveling briskly.

    If your friends are local and ride bikes then they should know Donard and Tollymore. Far more challenging trails in there (ask them to show you Deer Hunter and Son of Deer hunter in Donard, if you want a challenge) but you’d need to know where to find them. Donard also drains very well so is great to ride in any weather.

    Of the new trails i’d suggest Davagh as it’s the most fun but it’s pretty short (20k ish).

    p.s. If you like jumps then stay away from the jumpy DH trail in RT. Whoever built it doesn’t appear to ride a bike. The only time in my life that i’ve ever been disappointed riding my bike (and i’m easily pleased).


    Thanks all, great info – my friends aren’t bikers so will be going solo and am more of a trail rider (will have 120mm full suss and SPDs) as opposed to jumping gnarliness! Sounds like good fun can be had though so looking forward to it.

    Premier Icon PaulMc

    I rode the Rostrevor Red several times when visiting my folks in December and loved it. One horrid fire road climb to start, which was always the worst bit of the original trails there, but after that the climbing passes easily. Once over the top it is basically gently downhill all the way and if ridden fast is an absolute blast. It sounds like you ride similar to me and the red is the sort of trail that just made me want to go faster and faster, even when my legs were,near the end, wasted. It has a similar grin factor to Kirroughtree or Dalbeattie red IMO but without the slabs etc.

    You’ll enjoy rt and cw. Lived in Edinburgh for years and spent my days at inner and gt. Everyone here has been used to natural trails like tolly and many aren’t fussed on the more gravelly groomed type of trail. I like both to be honest, always have done and certainly the gnarlier rootier stuff here will progress your biking skills. Post up on and someone may show you round. Trail badger is a great site for irish trails.

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