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  • NEWS: British Cycling: Will new structures benefit MTB riders?
  • DickBarton
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    Sounds ok, if you are only interested in racing (and seem to still be all roads leading to Road and Track). Doesn’t seem to change anything if you don’t compete with the aim of winning everything.
    Competition is great, but isn’t the only thing going with cycling. I’m hoping with these changes they’ll also be adding more to encourage people just to ride their bikes as well.

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    Interested by the Gravity Development Hubs. The current talent centres are great, but very ‘carbon hardtail’. Support for youth riders on more technical ground would be popular here.

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    If it works out as described in some of the meetings I’ve been in it will be a good thing. There’s a lot of work to be done with mtbers and bc, quite a bit of it unfairly I feel, but they are aware of it and working towards making things better.

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    It seems a positive move, I hope it works out for the young riders who are the heart of this.

    Unfortunately I’m still rather pessimistic about these things. I and my eldest have been on the wrong end of really rude BC/Scottish Cycling senior coaches, I’ve had all my coaching paperwork lost, been sent on wild goose chase to assessments that were cancelled but no one told the candidates, and told off by road coach on assessment for suggesting what is good technique on MTB, and failed my assessment as I was 30 seconds short of a 10 minute session length – and the session was described as ‘one of the best I’ve seen’. I was so frustrated with this and local club politics that I’ve given up coaching.

    Culturally there is a lot of work to do still.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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