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  • Newcastle v Liverpool SPOILERS
  • Sorely tempted to post that on binners’ facebook wall a few minutes ago. 😀

    EDIT: At moments like this, I just want the ref to blow it up and let the side getting hammered just have a shower and go home.


    I hear they have contacted the FA to have the ban extended 😀

    Tom B

    Ah well at least Newcastle didn’t do anything hasty like giving their manager (whom has presided over one decent PL season in his entire career) an 8 year contract….
    .oh wait 😯


    Who needs Suarez 😯

    Currently 0-6


    There seems to be a mental block with Newcastle at the moment, can’t work out why we can’t play football.
    I think we’re missing a proper grafter, too many headless french chickens who can have moments of brilliance but can’t do 90 mins of Premiership stuff.
    Anyone remember Laurent Robert? We’ve got history here… think relegation is a 50/50 chance now.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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