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  • myti

    It does really sound like a hard tail would be better suited to what you described. Bonus is much lighter so easier uphill, get more for your money and less maintenance which is good if you’re inexperienced..if you get a carbon hardtail it will still soak up some of the trail vibrations….


    hiya folks !
    after quite a while off the biking scene (something like 15 years 🙁 )
    im getting back out there in the lovely fresh air !

    not as young as I use to be so I doubt ill be doing any serious jumping infact most of my riding will be done along towpaths,,river banks and hilly reservoir trecks thrown in,

    I know the above would suggest a hard tail but the res trecks I have in mind may see me better suited to a full sus with lock outs,

    so,, onto the bike,, looking at my current budget and baring in mind i want something half decent I think its best to start looking on the 2nd hand market,
    so far on the shortlist ive got….
    specialized stumpjumper (something like an 07 effort)
    specialized fsr comp,
    gt sensor
    gt force 3.0 (seen on quite cheap but both I drives need replacing, is this expensive ?)
    giant reign or trance
    trek fuel x8

    id welcome any opinions on the above bikes and also welcome any opinions on weather I really am making the right choice going for a full susser !
    if not, what hard tails would you guys recommend !

    phew ! ,,, 1st post out of the way ! LOL 😆


    yeah, thought that might be the case to be honest, just cant help thinking id wish id bought a full suss effort if I go with the hard tail !
    so if it where to be a hard tail would I be better going for a slightly smaller frame like I should do with a full suss so I can still throw it around ?
    im 5,9 and was thinking of something like a 15 or 16 inch jobby and would tyres make much off a difference again, for soaking up the pressure, !
    just don’t want to drop a clanger 1st run out ! 😳


    Think 15 might be a bit small. Best to try for size before buying. You can play with things like tyres later. Carbon bars and seat post will also help soak up vibes. I got into riding in a big way 2 years ago started out with an old alu hardtail with old fashioned race geometry which was harsh on rough stuff and not fun downhill so a year ago invested in a full on expensive full susser trail bike and don’t get me wrong its lovely and comphy on fast technical singletrack but its a heavy climber so I still end up opting for my old hardtail for longer cross country rides. As riding is now my main passion I’m going the whole hog and building the 3rd dream bike over the next few months. It will be a ti framed hard tail so the best of both worlds I hope. Good luck choosing. Best thing you can do is demo some bikes.


    mmmmmm ?
    my head says hardtail, my heart says full sus ??????
    just been lookin through classifieds,, seen a nice effort on there,, watch this space !

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    For what you describe hard tail would be my choice. get something you can get a 2.3 tyre in the back of some shock absorption.


    Right !
    So there are hard tails that wont take certain tyres ?
    Yer see. Ive learned something already !


    … I’d go for a full susser … from the ones you’ve mentioned above I’d choose either the Trance or the Stumpjumper.

    The reason being … 15 years off and ‘not as young as you used to be’ hardtails can be painful on longer trips… I’m over 50 and find a good full susser better for me than a hardtail … and with the right frame and components can be built up pretty light to help with the climbing … as does the traction (sometimes).

    Don’t go for too much travel … 120 either end is fine for most UK riding, trail centres etc … especially if your not planning to be airborn for too long.

    ps … I have a hardtail 29er too … but if I had to keep one, it would be my full suss’


    Not quite in my 50’s but deffo food for thought mate. Thanks.
    Like thd look and spec of the trance 3.
    Looks like something you could really chuck about if needs be !


    i own a trance and really cannot recomend it enough iv gone or a 130 fork up front and the bike is more capable than i am and never feel like im pushing its limits, the maistro system is superb and pedals well u can power down with hardly any bob
    size wise im 5’8 and found the 18″ a tad to long the 16 was nice sweet spot
    if your anywhare around bristol your more than welcome for a test


    a good quality steel HT. steel flexes more than ally giving the feeling that it is full susser. Cotic do good steel frames.

    also on the trails you described you will enjoy it more on a HT, more responsive, snappy.


    Its a hard choice tbh
    I guess if i was limited to one bike I would have a FS but it would still be over biked for 80%+ of my rides.
    I really cannot see you needing a FS for canal towpaths tbh or trails its only really badly cobbled roads that you feel it on a hardtail IME.

    Size is personal I have a 16 ” at taller than you though but i like my hardtail to be smaller than my FS which is 18″

    YMMV – your mileage may vary – ie it is really up to you what you get size wise and suspension wise but personally i would get a 16″ hardtail to ride what you describe.

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    I’ve got a Marin ht and an Anthem X1. The anthem is lighter and comfy on trails. Could be a good bet for you


    I’ll be putting my Canyon Nerve XC up for sale in the classifieds very soon. They are great bikes. As light as many hardtails. Review here:


    went for a hard tail and after talking to a few,
    I decided to lower my budget and buy something to build on seeing as I would definitely tinker with it no matter what the price paid ! LOL

    Went for an Aluminium whyte 19 (“17” frame)
    everything seems to be xt other than the brakes which are hayes rides,
    not the best I know but they where put on brand new by the previous owner just as a means to sell the bike,, deffo something for me to swap out in the future !

    on the lookout for some new forks, its got Manitou minutes on at the moment and all though they are in good mechanical order I cant help but look at them and think they look like they’ve been put on back to front so they gotta go !!! 🙄

    the tyres have been changed, came with schwalbe furious freds but again, they wernt for me so swapped em out for some continental mountain kings. 2.4’s, big I know but the bike feels awesome and looks super aggressive with it being a small frame ! 😆

    came with a cane creek thudbuster seat post so that has helped a little with the bumps and thumps that come with owning a hard tail,
    and just on the look out for some new bars and a stem,

    nothing wrong with the club roost efforts that’s on it but hey, I thought id just swap em out while the forks where getting done so a ritchy 70mm wcs xc stem with a bit of rise and a set of raceface next bars should finish the front up nicely !

    wheels are mavics,. cant remember which ones, but the rear is an xt hub while the front looks like a factory none branded,
    cant decide weather to build a set from scratch on hope hubs or just put some hopes on the rims I got ???

    no rush on thr ims anyway,, it rides, that’s a start !

    plenty to keep me busy in the newly built man shed for a while anyway !

    absolutely loving it ! 😮

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