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  • Newbie here
  • Premier Icon valleydaddy

    Hello from the valleys

    where you from?

    what you ride?

    welcome to the STW forum


    get out now you still have a chance..

    Welcome and good luck.

    Frozen North,Carrera BansheeX.It,s to late to run

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    nonk – Member
    get out now you still have a chance..

    …took the words right out of my mouth. 🙄


    picture of your garden?

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    Welcome to the fold.

    Clearly your lawn needs mowing/lounge needs tidying/valves need lining up/etc.

    No garden in this here zoo.

    Start with a bang.
    Put a picture of your bike on here so everyone can rip it to bits. Or make a sweeping political statement and stand back.


    are you sure you know what you're doing?

    G Brown and C Cameron, both willing Captains on the good ship Titanic!Women children and the monkeys first.


    hello 🙂

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    i've got that monkeycmonkeydo video somewhere, Mr Rey at his best, never did find my "chocolate" foot though

    Will the Tories cut my Banana allowance after the election?


    As long as your not a catholic you should be ok.

    Hello, welcome

    are you a man or a woman?


    it's a monkey, so are you a mankey or a womankey?

    Lets see the bike then.

    And hello.

    Yeah! Tits Bike or GTFO!

    Where did he/she/it go? Something I said?

    Mark Datz

    Hulo wellcum sumtims this forim is funy sum peepel r lamediks but usuly it's gud and u can get help

    Hi from rossendale

    don't mention rocks or octopi what ever you do

    Any advice about surviving on this forum.Any crazies to avoid?Long live the primates

    Any advice about surviving on this forum.Any crazies to avoid?

    Don't ask TandemJeremy about helmets
    Don't ask anyone about politics
    Don't post a pic of your bike unless it's perfect/the latest niche/made by a man with a beard/has the tyres and logos lined up/is in a tidy garden, etc, etc, etc.

    Oh, and don't ask about whisky. The snobbery is amazing…..

    Finally, Mark Datz was a funny troll, but now it isn't. You'd better be better. Or else I will be forced to kill you. Which would be a senseless waste of human life.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Most of the inmates are big believers in Darwinian theory.

    but can any of you reach the canopy?


    Most of the inmates are big believers in Darwinian theory.

    not me, I'm a creationist


    Don't ask Tandem Jeremy about dogs either


    Just avoid RandomJeremy.

    Dogs,I think your barking up the wrong tree!

    Don't mention tyres,or converting a perfectly decent bike to single speed.
    Welcome btw


    All that explains where ive been going wrong then!

    Premier Icon Ambrose

    Top tip- ask for advice, thank people for it. Never express an opinion. Seems to work for me. Do not post about dogs. Or tyres. Or 'What's it worth…'

    AFAIKT no-one hates me as yet. I've met a few people off the site, all of them to date are normal human beings. Some are rather too trusting and have followed me all over soggy Mid and South Wales which was rather sweet of them.

    For a good idea of who thinks what, take a look at any of 'Keasae's threads. Might be worth making a cup of tea first. And to show how wonderful people can be take a look at 'petesgaff' epic tale 'I think I'm about to be diagnosed with cancer and I'm rather scared' you may need a hankerchief.

    finally, archived somewhere is the all-time favorite, 'Agent Picolax'. I'm so glad that it wasn't me!

    If you express a view that does not fit the consensus or is indeed controversial be prepared to be flamed – no matter how well yo can justify it.

    I have third degree burns all over my ego despite the flameproof suit

    I have third degree burns all over my ego despite the flameproof suit

    I had no idea you were such a sensitive flower 🙂


    please please please no 'what tyre threads'
    try and get on a STW meet and ride at some point
    Remember there is always someone better than you
    Feel free to use words such as 'rad', 'rig', 'niche' and always use 'z' instead of 's' to look cool ( bermz, jumpz, etc)
    At some point you will get good advise, dont know when but you will
    The main thing though is that no matter how bitchy, or cynical or how nasty threads get there is some amazing people on here who can give you advise on anything you need and can help you out on whatever you want. Underneath our thick skin we have hearts

    Peace out dude


    I wish I had made a thread like this when I stumbled across this forum a few weekz ago..

    I could have saved myself a lot of frustrated bashing skull against desk scenarios as my seemingly innocent and pleasant (and dare I say nervous and tentative) posts were met with hails of scorn and jeering like you only see in the house of commonz… it was proper gnarly and thaaa'

    BUT.. I persevered and they are actually ok.. great folk for helping out with spelling and suchlike too…

    welcome to jazzclub….

    dont ask about cars or what tyre. oh and avoid hora. nice bloke but just dont go there. if you post a pic of your bike make your garden is spotless

    Underneath our thick skin we have hearts

    evil in some cases…

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