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    I’m looking for a new hardtail mountain bike for my mother, max budget £500.

    Important bits:
    – £500 max
    – Bike for trail riding and 25k Meridas
    – Light bike
    – Fork that will move with her using it (slow and non-agressive rider), ideally air
    – Not full suspension
    – No gimmicks
    – Reasonable quality bits that will last a few years
    – Probably looking for 16-17″

    She currently rides a 1999ish Orange Gringo but since the gears need repairing and the fork doesn’t move for her I think replacement may be the better route, I also think a Womes specific frame might benefit her with a shorter top tube.

    Does anything beat these:

    Kona Lisa HT £480

    Specialize Myka Elite 2010 £499


    This was posted a few days ago 16″ frame
    Giant XTC3.5 2007

    Looks fab for the money.

    More ladies MTBs here

    Looks fab for the money but weighs a ton.

    not good for ladies to ride a ton weight bike tbh


    Why would the giant weigh a ton? Same frame was used in their higher spec HT’s of that & previous years. Ok Tora’s aren’t light weight but they’ll be comparable to the Darts on the Myka. That said I bought my g/f a myka, and she loves it (it has tora forks though). Though the woman specific sizing made that a easy choice for us


    mts TJ has a Myka – seems a very nice bike and the small levers and fork set up is good.


    Thanks for these, it is looking like the Myka is a front runner. I also have a friend with this frame who has got on well with it so sounds good.

    Still interested in any other suggestions though.


    Because I had one then sold it.

    a TON literally!


    My other half has got a Myka and similarly loves it. It’s got a Tora Coil fork though, but they are re-sprung for ‘womens’ weight (whatever that is).

    I think hers is the 2008 – silver with butterflies all over it if that kind of thing’s important?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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