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    My job is about to take me away to NZ for a month (ish) in May/June

    So what riding should I not miss out on? Any tips? NZ Col?

    I’ll be working near Wellington and I understand there’s a bike park relatively near the city. However if I get a longer riding break what should I not miss out on?

    I’ve checked out the NZ equivalent of STW, any tips



    there isn’t any stw equilivent. There is good riding all over wellington. makara peak is a good place to start.
    Get a copy of the Kennetts NZ mtb book. It has all the rides in it. Ground effect sells it

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    Well what can I say – lucky you 🙂
    In Wgtn as stated there is Makara Peak MTB park – its in Karori, Sth Karori Rd to be exact. Theres ample parking, flash dunnies and a water tap. is the website (I think from memory)
    in addition to that there are LOTS of other lush riding spots in town – in no order (of preference or legality) – Tinakori Hill, Mt Vic, Karori Cem, Skyline to Kau Kau, Tip Track – honestly i can stitch together 4 or 5 hours from the house offroad quite easily. But beware – theres big hills 😉
    My contact deets should be in my profile so drop me a line and I’ll do the trou guide thang.
    You can also easily do a sounds weekend ride by hopping on the friday pm ferry, stay in picton on the fri night, first water taci to ship cove and ride the QCT back over a couple of days. Lots of other rides in that area.
    Anyway – lots to do, great city


    you lucky lucky bugger!! 😀

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    Everyone Many Thanks

    NZCol, I’ll drop you a line closer to the time. Big hills? Forgive my lack of knowledge: what are we talking? I thought the big hills were in The South island?

    Are there any trips to The South Island that are in your opinion unmissable (I thought the South Island was the Alps equivalent)?



    Try and contact Essence cycles. Paul, the owner used to post on here. Leant me a bike and showed me around (all be it several years ago).

    The standard of bike I found to hire around NZ was very variable. Some were fantastic but in other places I struggled to get anything other than halfords specials.

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    Well big-ish and lots of em – theres a fair few 300m climbs in town so 4 or 5 of them and you’ll start to pech a bit !
    Depends what sort of riding you like to do – long rides with views, gnarly DH rides, epics – whatever
    My faves (and you might want to pick up the Kennetts booke when you arrive):
    Wakamarina which is a bit of a pain logistically – near Blenheim
    Kill Devil – Takaka
    Queen Charlotte Trk is nice in places and a very lovely couple of days riding.

    Will you have transport ? If so opens up a lot of possibilities – Rotorua, Craters in Taupo, Tree Trunk Gge which is highly underrated etc

    Anyway get in touch when you are near and I’ll try and show you the sights of Welly at least.


    For a good overview of riding around Wellington, download the council’s mountain biking brochure.


    Roturua is a must for at least one W/E, getting your arse up to Auckland should be done as well. There’s plenty to do in Auckland and you can combine it with a trip to ‘woodhill’ which is ace (see my e-mail in profile if you’d like info on auckland a guide, advice. 42nd traverse is supposed to be good (I’ve not got around to doing it yet). Also if you like the roadie stuff and in particular climbing Wellington is great! just watch the drivers


    West Coast S.I.Fantastic back country riding.Creosus,Big River,Kirwins,just to name a couple.Check the activities page on our web site for some local Feel free to drop me a line if u need any help.These r all classic rides that take u into fantastic country and not all that well known so an xtra bonus.


    I’d just like to re iterate what’s been said about Rotorua. Miles and miles of sweet, sweet singletrack (single lap, 100km races are run in the one forest!!) . You’ve got to make the effort and ride this if you come to NZ. Everything from easy stuff to a national level DH track. Bike hire is from the trailhead car park and of good quality, coffees not bad either. Compared to UK riding its similar to Afan and Cwm Carn but I think its better, more technical in places and Longer. Taupo’s pretty good as well. Check out for the full skinny.

    Queen Charlotte Track is worth a long weekend, easily done from Wellington. For welly riding you can also use:


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    What coasting said is true – west coast is the way to go 😉


    RRD, if you decide to take in rotarua, I can point you in the right direction for the best trails. I can be contacted on Skype name – endurofidge

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