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  • NEW YORK, tourist advice please
  • coolhandluke
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    going with a few pals (to celebrate turning a certain age)

    only 4 days there, what would you advise as a “must do or see” please.

    staying near Greenwich village

    we all like bikes, beer, music, and probably arent too bothered about art or museums

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    Go find the ghost busters fire station travel the subways get a yellow cab eat street food get drunk fondle the bulls balls get tazzered.

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    Empire State worth a visit. Then do what America is good at food.

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    Top of the Rock is better than the Empire State. After all, it’s the latter you want to look at!

    Virgil’s, just off Times Square. RIBS, BABY!

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    Bleecker St: The Blind Tiger, Fish (love Eric’s Salad)

    MOMA, Dave’s for jeans and Carhartt stuff.

    Check the websites

    PS Bob Dylan used to live on W4th

    Great part of NYC

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    Go visit the uss Intrepid, then take the ferry down to Brooklyn and walk back over the Brooklyn bridge.

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    Intrepid museum as above

    walk the high line

    Get the subway to the financial district, you can visit the 9/11 memorial and then go on the staten island ferry, just get on another and come straight back.

    go to ess a bagel for an authentic NY bagel.

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    Just been there. The 9/11 memorial is impressive, sobering and not at all mawkish. Definitely worth seeing it especially if you are interested in huge engineering because you end up at the pads where the towers stood on the bedrock.

    Rockerfeller Tower for the views. Subway to Brooklyn and walk around looking at the brownstones, then back across the bridge. We stayed in south Manhattan, which was quiet and we had great views over the harbour.

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    If you need and hour or two clearing your head and just having a walk, go and do High Line.

    An old elevated subway track turned into a park along the lower west side.


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    Central Park Zoo. Q

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    Finish the night (morning) or nurse a hangover at Veselka in the East Village, eat the mixed Ukrainian grill

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    Oyster bar in Grand Central for a few rocks and beers (assuming you like oysters). Staten Island ferry if you want to see Statue of Liberty without going on the island itself. Plus one for highline. Top of the rock for the views but also Bar 65 a couple of floors down in Rockerfeller centre is great, basically the same views but can have a beer and not as busy generally. Subway to Brooklyn Heights and then walk back across the Brooklyn bridge.

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    In addition to the above.

    Williamsburg – loads of bars and cafes. Some cool independent shops.

    Smorgersburg – street food market on a Saturday. It’s on the water front in Williamsburg. A real mix of food and fab views of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn.

    Domino Park – it’s a new park that opened in June this year. It’s on the site of the old Domino Sugar Factory. There is food and drink available in this park as well as activities. It’s just below the Williamsburg Bridge and down the road from Williamsburg and Smorgersburg. It also has the fab view of Manhattan.

    Red Hook Winery – it’s a 10 min walk from the nearest subway stop but it’s worth the trip. Book the barrel tasting tour before you go. We went in June and had a good amount of wine from different vineyards and grapes.

    Steve’s Keylime Pie – next to the winery. Brilliantly sweet keylime pies. Just past the shop is a little park with a jetty. From the jetty you look right out at Liberty and she’s facing you.

    Tenement Museum – it’s in the Lower Eastside of Manhattan. Really interesting social history through the stories of real people. There are tours of the buildings and walking tours of the surrounding streets. Book online before you travel to make sure you get the tours you want.

    Ellis Island – the immigration station in the harbour. You can get the ticket for this and Liberty for the ferry from the tip of Manhattan.

    Gotham West Market – If you go to Invincible there is indoor food market close by. Gotham West Market is on 11th Ave between Times Square and Invincible. Choice of food is good with good beer. They show the sports on big screens. There is a bike shop at one end.

    Roberta’s Pizza – there are a couple of Manhattan outlets of this Bushwick pizza mecca. Try the Millennium Falco.

    Cannibal Beer & Butcher – E29th Street restaurant and bar. The beer and food is brilliant. Small plates of meaty goodness washed down with a good drinks menu including some fantastic craft brews we never see this side of the Atlantic.

    Urbanspace – food markets scattered across the city. They are good for lunch on the go and everyone can eat something different. This is where Roberta’s Pizza is on Manhattan.

    Big Gay Icecream – icecream shop in the East Village. It does what is says on the tin! Big sugary icecream. Tiny shop normally with a big queue.

    Lomardi’s Pizza – on Spring Street Lomardi’s is the first pizza restaurant in America. The food is quick and not too expensive.

    For the big attractions book before you travel walk as much as you can and enjoy the city. I wish I was going back.

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    Williamsburg Bridge is a great walk, above a river, road and railway, and it wobbles.

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    Wollensky’s Grill for teh awsum steak

    CityBikes (Boris bikes for NY) are a fun way to get around when you’ve had enough of the subway.

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    Pretty much covered with all the posts above, so I’ll jump to the music bit.  If it’s playing, check out Guitar Centre just off Times Square.  There’s probably better, but that’s easy and convenient.

    Also Ellen’s Dinner, no no, bear with me. There’s also a blues and jazz type club underneath.

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    Ellen’s Diner is great fun. The food is average but the singing staff and atmosphere are pure Broadway.

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    All of the above is brilliant.

    You have to do Ess-a-Bagel.  If you go more than once, and you should, then can you get a chocolate cream cheese on toasted raisin and report back?  I went a few times and only ever had meat and regretted not getting it 🙂

    The Bar at the top of the Rock is free to get to and in and provides the views of Empire State.  It is iconic though so recommend you go EOS just stick to early weekday and you’ll walk right in – it’s one to say you’ve done.

    The Beer Authority is a great day/night out – so many beers, great vibe, sports on tv’s etc.

    “The Burger Joint” at Le Meridien Hotel – its hidden behind reception does the best burgers but Shake Shack is a close second.


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    Slightly left-field for what you want but if you go to Times Square you can get cheap tickets for shows (usually same day and often matinee performances). When I was there we did that and saw Miss Saigon – a pretty memorable experience. School of Rock is on at the moment if you don’t want to be too highbrow, but if it was me I’d see Lion King or Phantom of the Opera.

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