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  • New York!
  • YoGrant

    Ok, so booked for my wife’s 40th in April. Staying at Crowne plaza Times Square and booked a Nicks game for me and the boy, and Frozen on Broadway for her and the Lass.

    What else is not to miss in the 4 days we have and what should we avoid?

    Cheers! Gx

    Premier Icon tuboflard

    A few from me to start off;

    Oyster Bar (sat at the bar) in Grand Central.
    Staten Island ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and views back to Manhattan.
    Subway to Brooklyn and walk back over the bridge back to Manhattan.
    Bar 65 at the Rockefeller at dusk for views of Central Park and Empire State Building.
    Walk the Highline.

    Premier Icon stevied

    New York!

    What else is not to miss in the 4 days we have and what should we avoid?

    It’s up to you…. 🙂

    We did the tourist bus around the city. Wasn’t too expensive and you can get off & on wherever you like. You get to see some of the bits you’d not normally see and the guides are really good.
    Ours sounded like Michael Douglas.
    Intrepid Sea, Air & space is very interesting too if you like that sort of stuff.
    We also had a meal in the revolving restaurant at the Marriot Marquis. Really good food in a rotating restaurant so you can see the sights whilst eating.

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    There’s loads of things I could list, but you’ll get all that….. Saw this on Tele t’other day, looks like it’ll be worth a visit 👍

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    As there with the family I’d include a trip to the Intrepid aircraft carrier museum (need to allow at least half a day inc. travel time)


    Just got back from 3days there with the family

    WTC Memorial site worth a visit
    Highline walk (mentioned above)
    Visit at least one of the tall buildings (we did Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller at dusk)
    Grand Central station has impressive architecture
    Walking the island (and Brooklyn bridge) is best way to get a sense of the place

    Was 20+ years since I’ve been. Shocked at how much has NOT changed.

    Arrivals at JFK airports was just like stepping back in time. And a 1.5hr wait to get through security/immigration.

    very few places do contactless payments – it’s weird signing for things on your card — and where they DO have chip and pin, watch out for the Fisher price size chip&pin terminals.

    and be prepared to “wait in line”…my patience was wearing thin with all the waiting I had to do (restuarants, atttractions, traffic, airports, …, etc). I am not a patient person.

    Still a great city to visit though

    Premier Icon dove1

    Walk the Highline. Do it North to South after visiting the Intrepid and then have lunch in Hector’s Cafe & Diner. It’s an old school diner and better than all the nearby hipster places.
    Tour of Yankee Stadium.
    Empire State Building at night.
    Top of The Rock during the day – great views over Manhattan and Central Park (although there is a new building going up that spoils that a bit).
    Katz’s Deli – it’s a cliche but still good.
    Grand Central Station (check out the whispering corner).
    Wander or cycle through Central Park.
    A slice of pizza from Joe’s Pizza on Broadway (10 mins from your hotel).

    Pre-book tickets for attractions before you go if you can. It usually works out cheaper and you often get fast access.

    Don’t waste you time watching the dancers/acrobats in places like Times Square and Central Park. They spend hours doing bugger all.
    Don’t try and engage with or make a joke with any officials in an American airport. They seem to have had all humanity surgically removed.
    Don’t think you’ll be getting any bargains in NYC. The slump in the Pound has meant there are none, apart from some clothes. Talking of which, make sure you tell the staff in shops that you are a tourist and you’ll usually get a small discount or the sales tax removed.


    Thanks chaps, all good advice and ideas.

    Prebooked a few things using citypass.

    Will keep researching!


    I would just add,we made the most of being on GMT.
    Up and out the door before most of the New Yorkers hit the streets.


    You are visiting Manhattan by the sound of it.

    Many things to do, all will be pretty cool, I’ve spent 20 odd days over 4 visits in Manhattan and still feel like I’ve only scratched surface

    For me
    Staten Island Ferry
    Then walk back up Broadway to Time Sq
    Central Park
    The Met Museum
    MOMA museum

    and all the stuff above and then all the stuff people will tell you you’ve missed when you arrive back

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou

    Guggenheim, just to look at the building if not the art…

    If you fly to Newark, there’s an outlet mall right next to the Airport (Jersey Gardens). There’s a shuttle from the airport.

    Premier Icon toby1

    Virgils BBQ Not been but have seen it recommended in numerous places and a friend went based on this a while back with kids and he liked it a lot. Obviously if you are a family of vegetarians this might be a terrible suggestion!


    Natural history museum was a highlight for me that’s not been mentioned yet.

    And yes, Americans have < 0 sense of humour when working.


    NYPD museum (near Wall St) – as big ‘NYPD Blue’ fans we had to go 🙂
    People watching in Greenwich Village
    Chelsea Hotel. And when you’ve seen it (just to say you’ve seen it) Chelsea Market
    Any Jewish deli, as long as you understand that the spectacular rudeness is just part of the schtick


    Check out Urbanist if you’re on Facebook. Vlogger by a native New Yorker.


    Thanks guys. Intrepid looks amazing, would love to get a look at a Blackbird and Space Shuttle.

    Anyone go down to Coney Island or Governors Island?

    Premier Icon bruneep

    try not to look like a tourist, walking around looking up mouth wide open.

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