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  • Premier Icon fathomer

    So what’s everyone’s biking resolutions?

    Mine is to ride as many new places and as much as possible.

    So far got a trip booked to Scotland which will be the first time I’ve ever crossed the boarder, Dumfries to be accurate. Nothing else concrete as yet. I’d also really like to do Snowdon, which will be my first ever proper mountain.

    Oh, and hopefully some riding in Marin County during our belated honeymoon in May on the US West coast!


    Climb an Alp…

    Venteux and D’huez scheduled for June.


    I only managed 1600 miles on my road bike this year so I’d like to improve on that, gonna aim to double it as I’ve been slacking loads!

    Really need to ride more new places as well so I sense a few more road trips. And if I can afford it after sorting my new house out I want to go for a short break with Ride Portugal this summer.

    Premier Icon trusty

    Scottish borders in June, for the 10th year. Always good. Pyrennese in May, first time on the bike in proper mountains in years and can’t wait. Do a couple more of these new fangled Enduro things. No plans apart from that as I don’t know where in the country I’ll be working after March.


    I am going to do wales coast to coast in september, lots of training to do first 🙂


    Not been off-road for three months following injury – so I feel like I’m starting from scratch again! Hope to build back up to some semblance of fitness (did 21 miles on the road the other day and it nearly finished me off). Resolution is to not have another major OTB ! Happy new year all.

    Premier Icon ads678

    Mine is just to get fitter, loose a bit of weight and ride more.

    I can probably count the proper mtb rides I’ve done this year on my fingers!!

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Don’t do NY resolutions as such, but the challenge is to ride up more hills, and explore further afield.


    Less DIY and more time riding!

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Jump a double.

    Finish in the top 25% in an xc event

    Ride 5000km


    To be fitter than the previous year.

    Premier Icon mintimperial

    I’m going to ride into work more. I started 2013 pretty well but let it slide badly later on, which is no good.


    Ride more, loose weight, get fitter and enter a few enduros, starting with the dyfi enduro.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Not be such a big girls blouse on steep technical stuff.

    Not be afraid of getting airborne


    to still feel like a kid when i ride

    Given I’ve been otb for 4 months following breaking my arm in 2 places I’ll hopefully get more road miles in then plan to get a trip to Skye in the summer and do a couple of enduros for the first time


    To be fitter than last year and get out twice a week on the road and twice a week offroad plus offroad at the weekends.

    Premier Icon simmy

    Do a 100 miler on the Road Bike.

    Get out at least 5 times a week on the MTB for an hour each time – easy to do if I can persuade myself to get out of bed an hour earlier.

    I’ve done 2,500 miles on the bikes this year, I want it double that in 2014………


    More events, maybe even a road race.

    Build a CX for next winter.

    1. To ride 100 miles per week, on and off road, including commuting.

    2. To not buy another bike.

    3. To enter an event every month. (Great Yorkshire Bike Ride, Dunwich Dynamo, Calderdale MTB Marathon, etc)

    b r

    Be as fit as in previous years.

    Not be such a big girls blouse on steep technical stuff.

    I recently put on a super-tacky Chunky Monkey front tyre, it has made the world of difference to my riding on techy stuff – especially the steep off-piste trails we’ve around here.

    Premier Icon benji

    Keep improving my riding in technical sections, that way I’m not losing out so much in cross races when it gets tricky.


    To not get sucked into training and racing (on or off road), I want to enjoy riding more and feel like I did before competition took over from the stoke of just pedalling with mates…


    Not landing on my head


    Ride more, eat less 🙂

    Bike Bivvy at least once a month.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I want to get out of the trialcentres a bit more- don’t get me wrong, I love them (and purpose-built off-piste stuff, and dh courses, and that) but every time I stir off my arse and go somewhere totally different I realise how much I can miss.

    Oh and more arguing on the internet.


    y arse and go somewhere totally different I realise how much I can miss.

    trail centres


    Ride all the main trails in south Wales…

    Really not ridden enough of them considering I live here! Want to push myself fitness wise and technically doing my first proper downhill runs to.

    Premier Icon mrhoppy

    Do a 100 miler on the road bike
    Do a 100km ride each month
    Get out of the trail centres more
    Ride from home to the sea


    I didn’t have any, then saw this –

    “to still feel like a kid when i ride”

    Reminded me that im getting a bit too hung up on being “good”, by good, i mean most other peoples interpretation of good, ie being the fastest. Doesn’t help that i generally ride with people who race DH/4X pretty seriously.

    I ride bikes to piss about with mates in the woods, just like i did as a kid, keep on forgetting that.


    Variety, enjoyment and touring.


    I just want to ride my bike as much as I can and would like to ride more new places.

    Hopefully we’ll have another nice summer which will make the above much easier!

    Also want to get my single speed finished for something a bit different.

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