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  • MikeWW

    So how is everyone doing?

    I’m down 2.8 KG so another 4 KG to go

    Hunger pains just about disappeared and finding it a bit easier than I expected. However wight loss seems to be slowing so we will see


    January 1st – 13st 6lbs
    January 9th – 13st 1lb

    Purely down to monitoring what I eat, riding to work (its only 6 miles each way, but every little helps) – and sweating my ass off in the gym at least every other day.

    Will be honest and say I’m actually really enjoying it 🙂

    10 days ago I was 76kg. Changed my diet and back into pre season training and this morning I weighed in at 72kg. 2kgs to go for my first target. Really want to eat cake and chocolate though! 🙁

    Jan 1st 16.6
    Jan 8th 16.1

    … going in the right direction for once!

    Premier Icon wiggles

    Not weighed myself yet or anything but thinking of going for something a bit more structured with diet. Anyone used the 5:2 diet long term? Sound sl

    Like something I could get used to, but is it just short term or something sustainable?


    I’m currently 200lbs.

    Did get down to 189lbs in the summer.

    Want to get to 182 lbs and maintain that weight.

    Plan is –

    1) Watch what I eat (it’s easier to get it on the fork that way!)
    2) More riding my Mountain Bike
    3) More riding of Road Bike
    4) use turbo trainer in between.

    4lbs lost in 2 weeks so far.

    @wiggles, tried the 5.2 diet last October. Managed two weeks, it’s hard work.

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    I quite often don’t get a chance to eat until 6pm after work anyway, so would just mean being more careful when I get home a few days a week.


    I’m also tracking everything I eat on the myfitnesspal app. I’ve also logged exercise/walking but the calorie consumption is way too optimistic!

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Anyone used the 5:2 diet long term? Sounds like something I could get used to, but is it just short term or something sustainable?

    I have. Barring Christmas which was a free for all, I’ve been on it for just under a year now.

    New Year 2013, i was 15:12 (a big meal away from being 16st) and in 38″ trousers

    I did a few weeks of calorie counting but found it tough being restricted every day, particularly as i travelled with work / had client dinners, although i generally stuck to it and lost weight.

    After 6 weeks i was introduced to 5:2 and found as a means of fitting a ‘non faddy, calorie restricting’ diet around my lifestyle it suited me fine.

    Mid August i got to my lowest, after all my training and riding for a 12hr solo, i was down to 13:2, total loss of 38lbs, and bought a pair of 32″ waist jeans.

    Since the solo, and with darker nights / no in the dark commuting by bike, my riding has dropped off considerably but i’ve stayed broadly on 5:2, with the variation being that some weeks i fasted one day only if I didn’t feel like doing two or other things came up, other weeks I did two but went up from a strict 600/day to more like 800-900. And between end of Aug and the run up to Christmas I put on about 3 lbs. That’s another reason i like it, it’s very flexible to switch between loss and maintenance. If i found weight creeping back on too fast, i went back to doing it properly for a week or two.

    Over Christmas, so from mid Dec to 6th jan, when i went back to work, it’s been eat what you like, when you like. My 32″ waist jeans are ‘tight’ and on 6/1 I was up to 13:11 😳 But i had a bloody good Christmas. Have been back on the wagon this week and although i don’t normally do midweek weighing (or you become obsessive) I am ‘some’ lbs lighter than i was at the start of the week. Def closer to 13 and a half than 14st.

    @rooleymoor. it’s not for everyone, and you’re right, it’s not ‘easy’ in that for 2 days a week you will be, in the main, hungry. But I vastly prefer being able to psychologically deal with being proper hungry 2 days a week than permanently being a bit hungry but paranoid about what i could eat to deal with it and the impact that’d have on the day’s count.

    Premier Icon wiggles

    Thanks for that sounds great, I’m in the region of 16st (no scales) myself so that seems like a great amount of weight you manageed to lose. Hopefully will get somewhere near that kind of loss.

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