New wrist/back pains and aches

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  • New wrist/back pains and aches
  • alan1977

    Hi, weird one, been riding the same bike for 3 months
    DMR trailstar, 130/160 dual position pikes, i do use the dual pos, switching to 130 for the steeper tighter climbs.. ride 160 the rest of the time for bar height.
    originally when i set the bike up i set the forks up for 30% sag… and a few weeks back i decided to go up (down) to around 25% sag, which got close to manufacturers recommended pressure.
    Idea being i would sit a bit higher and not use quite so much travel, i think i eased off the LSC a few clicks too for what its worth (maybe its that)
    Bike is fine for descending, i notice no negatives..
    But.. now when climbing i seem to be ending up with back ache, and the day after, my wrists seem like they have been smashed… i cant work it out as i should have less stress on my arms and back if anything being marginally higher…
    any thoughts? i have limited adjustment left on my bars, stem and spacers.. but i am going to try rolling the bars back towards me a few degrees under recommendation by a guy i was out with last night

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    It would have changed the saddle angle slightly I suppose…

    No idea of by how much but it could be an issue with your back anyway?

    To be honest though, seems like a small change to cause such negative effects.

    Anything else on the bike changed? Or even about you? Had a fall, started doing marathons or something?? Lol

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    Bar width?


    yer i figured saddle angle would change marginally, so i am going to tip it back a little assuming it doesn’t get uncomfortable, and combine that with a small adjustment of the bars and go from there

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    I’d put it back to 30% and try first, see if it really is that which is causing an issue ?


    bar width is 820 which is uber wide i know especially for me at 5ft8 but.. it seems ok? its hard to say.. i did try moving my arms in and out and to be honest, it feels similar everywhere to me…I am wondering if maybe i should by a cheap set of aluminium bars different riser and angles and see how they feel to compare


    It’s quite possible that it’s coincidental. I get these things on and off myself, with no changes to the bike or terrain I’m riding.
    Having said that, whilst your position will now put less strain on your wrists, the fact that you’re using less travel means the suspension isn’t cushioning you as much. Easing off the LSC should help, but unless you’ve eased it off to the extent that the forks are moving the same amount, you are getting more chatter through to your wrists.
    Climbing it may be that you now lean forwards more – effectively you’ve moved your saddle back a bit and up a tiny bit, and to keep your centre of gravity in the same place for climbing you therefore have to lean forwards a fair bit more, probably bending elbows more so you are supporting more of your weight through your back too.
    So for your back, move the seat fowards and adjust the height for this position (up a tiny bit) to keep the distance to BB the same (this might leave the bike feeling too short, I’ve found being more stretched out is far more comfy for my lower back than a bike that’s on the short side). For your wrists, HTFU or consider putting the fork settings back to how they were. Were you bottoming out all the time? Ideally you should bottom out a couple of times a ride (or if you’re like me, a couple of times a ride when you’re riding the most bottom outey terrain, and can’t be bothered changing setup ride to ride). If you never bottom out, drop the pressure again and bear in mind the pressures on the fork are just a starting point. A lot of things affect the best setup for you.


    i wasn’t exactly feeling the bottoming out, but the oring was showing it, and using up 150mm~ of travel for what and where i was riding seemed ridiculous, so.. i figured a bit more air pressure to give more support, and keep the geo more stable, could be beneficial.
    i am definitely aware that at times i get down like i am riding on drop bars, elbows at angles and head down low and “pulling” on the bars when climbing the steeper stuff, probably in places were i should be out of my seat punching through…
    and yes, it could just be the less compliant fork beating on my wrists and back i guess.. i will try taking off full LSC next ride out ( i think its only 4 clicks, and in these conditions im not riding aggressively), i guess i could drop the pressure back and add a token too.
    maybe that’s sensible, set the forks back how they were, ride… ad a token or two and if the issue doesnt return, stick with it

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