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  • Duffer

    I’m currently collecting parts for my rigid SS 29er. I’ve also heard about some fancy new technology called “tubeless” that i’d like to try…

    I’m not too fussed about tiny weight savings, so would i be better off with Arch rims rather than Crests? I don’t do anything mad, but as it’s got wagon wheels i thought i’d be safer with some stronger rims…

    Your thoughts appreciated!


    If your light on your wheels crests if your a bit of a bruiser arch. Want a wider rim arch.


    Crest and Arch (EX) are same width (21mm internal).

    Depends if you’re a fatty or not. 😆


    Agree with parkesie

    I run crests on my XC bike & Arch EX on my trail bike

    I’ve had issues with the spokes coming loose on the rear wheel of the Arch EX’s, so you might want to watch this depending on who builds the wheel (same thing happened to my mate on his 650b Flows). Not had any issues with the front spokes coming loose (had the Arch’s for about 9 months – ridden almost every weekend – trail riding & trail centres)

    Might be worth considering a mix – crest on the front Arch on the rear?

    Can’t find fault with flows. Dont know if they make these for 29er. Ive got them on my xc hardtail and roll so quick I pass my mates on 29ers.


    Between those I ride with we have loads on stans rims and don’t get issues with spokes coming loose
    I use arch ex on my enduro and they have been fine

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I think a lot of people (wrongly) think that Stans need lower spoke tension- it’s a pretty persistent myth. So wouldn’t be too surprised if wheels are getting built up undertensioned then having issues.


    Arch ex are a lot stronger than crests. If you’re heavy or aggressive, I’d go with the arch ex for the minimal increase in weight, especially at 29er. If you’re not doing anything aggressive or are light then crest’ll be fine.
    I’ve been an absolute moron on arch exs’ and they’ve shrugged off all my bad mistakes.

    Premier Icon funkrodent

    For the minimal weight gain, I’d go with the Arch. I’m 6’4″ and 16.5 stone and have crashed my Arches around in the Peaks, Pennines and Snowdonia and they have dealt with it all admirably, particularly given that for part of that they’ve been on a hardtail

    Premier Icon scandal42

    Equally I have hauled my Crests rims around the Peaks, Wales etc with a shit technique and they are bang on.

    i’m 90kgs and run arch ex on my yeti sb-66, but i have previously run crests on my old turner flux with no problems at all. this included some afan adventures.

    i am now running some bor xmd333’s on my 29er which are lighter than crests (pretty much the lightest alloy 29er rims you can buy). i’m conscious that i am on the weight limit for them, but my 29er is ‘wheels on the ground’ xc only, so they will never have a tough life. if i’m going anywhere more hardcore, the yeti comes out to play.

    flows would be overkill imho… so i would say crests if you want to keep an eye on weight, or arch ex if you just want to fit & forget.

    alternatively, for £140 you can get a pair of superstar switch evo hubs (basically novatech hubs, so spares are easy to find) with pacenti tubeless 29er rims.


    Have been using Crests for 18 months & had Arch’s 3 months on another bike.I think the Arch’s are a bit stiffer & if I had to choose between the two,they’d be the ones I’d pick…


    Thanks for the input, all. I am pretty heavy, and like the idea of fit-and-forget, so i think Arch is probably the way forward. Unless there’s anything else i should consider? Mavic?

    WRT the Superstar wheels, i would consider them if they had the singlespeed hubs in stock. Also, this is going to be a bit of a special build for me, so i’d like plenty of Hope on there.


    I’d say this comes down to your weight, if you’re over 12 stone maybe get the arch. I’m 11 stone and have had arch ex rims for a while. I recently put a huge dent in one after landing a road gap badly, but if I only did small jumps and wheels on the ground trail stuff I’d have expected they’d go on for a few years.

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