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  • Hope hoops with an Arch EX rm sounds about perfect

    Get over to Wiggle, the code 40-SAVE will get you £40 off a set.

    So, I currently have a set of QR Mavic Crossrides on my Commencal Meta5. I want to change these, they flex like a bitch, and lean under cornering…. but that’s probably because they are an XC race orientated wheelset.

    I have already decided that I want a Hope Pro 2 hub, and have a budget of around £300 ish, but could probably push on £350. I am mainly based in the plymouth area, so I spend a lot of time on dartmoore while at Uni, but when I head back home I’m in the mendips. I would also like to start hitting more trail centres after visiting Afan over the summer. So, what rim?

    I’m not too sure if I need an XC rim or a AM/trail rim really, but I don’t want to be in a situation where I feel it needs changing in six months down the line. I’m pretty light for some that’s over 6′, around 11 stone. I also intend to run my high rollers with a tubeless conversion on them.

    So, what rim would you recommend?

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    Get Hope Hoops with Flow rims, wider profile makes for more round tyre profile. Marginal weight gain over Arch.


    Try for Hope Pro 2 with ZTR Flows £285.99

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    Flow isn’t much heavier than the Arch Ex but tbh if you’re on the XC/AM divide then that’s exactly what an Arch Ex is for. It’ll give you a fair bit of room to maneuvre too- you’d probably be alright on Crests tbh so this is a step up.

    (for comparison, my Flows did 2 years on the 6 inch bike, used every week plus trips to france, endurance and downhill racing, then got “retired” onto the downhill bike, and have done a few uplifts, an SDA round, and the fort william endurance downhill race. They are a bit sturdy. And that’s the old Flow not the new stronger Ex.)


    Just picked up a new set of Pro2 Evo on new Flow EX rims from LBS……

    All Fresh Hope wheels with Flow rims are coming with the Flow EX which is stronger and has a wider profile than the old Flow…

    Sweet, thanks everyone! Sounds like the Arch EX is the answer. I really appreciate your help!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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