New vs used Bossnut in 2019

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  • New vs used Bossnut in 2019
  • Rather than resurrecting my ancient hardtail I’ve been thinking about going cheap FS because toys. Bossnut’s obviously high on that list. Was passing Go Outdoors today so went in and had a look at one. Seemed nice enough and targeted at folk like me – on a budget & just getting (back) into riding.

    Chap in GO was implying there were some changes coming down the pipe soon, but I’m not sure if he meant v2 vs Evo or whether they’re updating the Evo for 2019. Could also just be sales bolleaux. Internet’s quiet on the subject. Does anyone know anything?

    There’s a very lightly-used 2018 Evo available nearby. I can save a bit of cash (couple of hundred quid) but if there are spec updates for 2019 it might not be worth it.

    Also I’m a little dubious buying “nice” bikes off eBay (as in, might have been nicked) also not sure what access I’d have to warranty if it went wrong. But then also not sure if GO’s warranty is worth it anyway.

    Anyone got any thoughts?

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    Most warranty’s are only for the firsts owner so I’d assume you couldn’t get warranty on a 2nd hand bike (here are a couple of exceptions but I’m not aware Calibre are one).

    If it’s decently cheaper than brand new (say £500 vs £1000) then I’d take a punt. If not I’d just go new.

    Check on the specs too – I think the Evo had a better fork and maybe one of the years wasn’t 1x?

    You can usually make an educated guess on Ebay as to whether a bike has been nicked or not. Bike thieves typically know nowt about bikes so leave vague and short descriptions. Genuine buyers usually wax lyrical about the spec and any mods or updates. If the seller of a bike you are interested in wants to meet in a car park, service station or anywhere other than a domestic residence be very suspicious.

    Not sure about the Bossnut, but a mate has just bought a BBB and it’s a superb bike for the money. I have dealt with GO for warranty issues on hill walking gear and they’ve been great.

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    I am pretty sure an Updated Bossnut is due soon. I have a Triple B and love it – superb value for money.


    The one on ebay doesn’t seem nicked, nit at least to my spider senses. But for a £200 saving I wouldn’t give up a warranty. Offer him £600 and maybe go up to £650. I can’t be arsed waiting for the latest new upgraded thing when I could be out riding 👍


    I wanted to check out a Bossnut/Triple B the the other day in Go Outdoors.. the bike specialist was literally in a training session being briefed about the new Bossnut which is apparently out in July.

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