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  • New Video from Dan Barham – The Escape
  • And you thought it was cold and wet in the U.K.


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    only watched the first 1.30, need to go to bed, but look forward to watching the whole thing. That looks awesome. Beautiful opening.



    Very inspiring. Must get something organised, even a week in the UK would do the job nicely without many of the complications of far off lands.

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    That’s brilliant, and yes, very inspiring. Pretty handy on a bike those two…

    Good video, many likes.

    Premier Icon Dan Barham

    Thanks guys, very much appreciated! If you’re interested in more of the story, we did a whole website to accompany the trip:

    The Escape

    Wow. What a lovely video. Makes me ache to go back there.

    Makes me more determined that I will emigrate back and use my Canadian passport to give me and my family a better environment to enjoy and live in.

    Thanks guys, another video in the armory of inspirational ‘make me want to go ride’ vids.

    ETA: Make me really miss one of my best mates who’s buggered off to live in Squamish. The git. One of the best times of my life was simply relaxing for two weeks and chewing the fat over there, riding the local trails. Dan, you probably know him, Craig…

    Premier Icon Dan Barham

    Thanks, Neil! I’m not sure I know a Craig in Squamish, but in terrible at names and could well have already ridden with him!

    BC gets a lot of press, and I’m sure some people are sick of hearing about it, but the honest truth is it really is as good as it seems. Moving out here seven years ago was the best thing I’ve ever done.

    You wouldn’t happen to have a track listing of the music in the video would you?

    Really liked some of the chilled out stuff 🙂

    Premier Icon Dan Barham

    Salomon Ligthelm – Quiet Skies
    Tony Anderson – Rise
    The Lions Rampant – Burn or Shine
    Jon and Roy – Vibrant Scene
    Athletics – Why Aren’t I Home (Instrumental)


    I very much recommend “liking” Dan on facebook. He regularly serves up some inspiration with amazing photos and sometimes videos. One of my favorite likes 😀

    Done, and cheers Dan, I’ll get buying.

    Another follower of Dan on Facebook. Inspirational. Makes me want to go ride, explore and take photographs. What more could you ever need…


    Wow on my list of places to ride!
    Great Film Dan!


    Great video! Makes me really want to get back out to BC – 3 months in Whistler wasnt enough but lack of a job said otherwise! I always hope I can somehow get a job secured before heading back out now I have more experience in my field.

    As you say it really is as good as it seems out there 🙂

    Them chromags look spot on as a do it all bike as well.


    Bump for the weekend – beautiful film. Damn, why do I love BC so much . . .


    Thanks for the bump; had missed the original post. Wonderful film and really makes me want to dig out my Bob trailer and disappear off again.


    Great video – BC is fantastic – even in the rain

    must go back






    Aye, no slow motion skids or backflips. A vid I watched all the way to the end!

    I’m gonna guess that Craig in Squamish is Craig Bullen? Although he know lives in North Van so maybe not…


    Seb Kemp.. skids.. surely not 😉

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    inspiring vid, that’s now on my places to ride before my cycling life ends list

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